Article 7 things you must do before your next international trip


Traveling is a time to lớn be spontaneous, live on the edge, and explore the person you can’t be when you’re at trang chính. However, it is best to get your stuff together beforeh&, so you can make the vacation all it can be.

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1. Know Eating Mannerisms

This is one thing that you are going to be doing, definitely. Make sure you know the way lớn vị it respectfully.

For instance, did you know in Egypt (& several other countries) that finishing all the food on your plate signifies that the host did not provide you with enough to lớn eat? To finish it all can seem insulting. In Japan, it is the exact opposite, don’t finish and they may believe sầu you did not appreciate the meal.

Make sure if you have sầu a host, they feel appreciated.


2. Update yourself on Current Events & Country Relations

I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing current events.

Is the country is the middle of civil war? Are there parts of the country that are involved in dispute? Is the leader of the country well-regarded?

Not only that, but how does the general population feel about tourists? Make sure you respect the wishes of the indigenous population, & over all keep yourself safe.


3. Know what is considered Respectful Clothing

Is the country that you are visiting of a religious majority?

Chechồng into the conservatism they enact with clothing và jewelry that the people observe. Even if you bởi practice or believe sầu the religion or social norms they do, it is a sign of respect lớn the culture and people.

Visiting a famous church khổng lồ look at the architecture? Traditionally, it is good to lớn at least cover shoulders và knees, và wear pants if you are male.


4. Learn these Key Phrases in the Local Language

Even if you aren"t traveling khổng lồ practice your language skills, it can be completely necessary lớn know comtháng phrases in the local language in case of emergency or not even in emergency, it may just come in very handy.

Also, using the common language can create a more genuine travel experience, and allow you to meet more people.

Good phrases to learn:

I am from __________How to I find the train / metro / bus?I would lượt thích a beer, please.Where is the bathroom?Can you show me on a map?Where is _________?I’m lost.Do you speak English?Can you speak slower?

5. Look up the Weather and Anticipate taking Action Accordingly

Traveling during hurricane season? Know that.

If a major natural disaster is imminent, it may be grounds to cancel or reschedule the trip, as safety is always a number one concern. If there is a natural disaster, vị you know who khổng lồ tương tác and where you would go?

Also, this is relevant for dress. Is a major cold front scheduled to lớn come in? May want to lớn pachồng some extra sweaters.

Bottom line make sure you look at seasonal weather patterns.

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6. Know Who to Liên hệ in Case of Emergency

Know the contact information of your native sầu country’s embassy where you are visiting. They are not always helpful in every situation, but it may come in handy.

Program the authorities, the local emergency line, và a xe taxi service into lớn your phone right away, & never worry about it if something happens.

7. Find out What lớn Avoid, Health-wise & get Caught up on All Necessary Health Precautions

Is the tap safe lớn drink?

Are you at risk for malaria or West Nile?

Get caught up on all necessary immunizations, & tương tác your doctor about anything that might be necessary to bởi vì or check for before & after the trip.

8. Check out the Reputations of Certain Parts of the City và Make Sure you’re Heading inkhổng lồ Safe Areas

This is lượt thích any city that you are going inlớn. Make sure you are at a place where you can maintain your own safety, and keep all the things that you brought in kiểm tra.

Does the city have sầu a gang problem?

Is an event you want to lớn go to lớn near a neighborhood that is known for crime? Best lớn know beforeh&, especially if the events are at night.

9. Chechồng out Laws and Punishments that may Differ from your Home Country

Did you know that being caught partying with illegal drugs in Singapore is grounds for the death penalty?

Places can have sầu laws that aren’t always known about or immediately relevant until they become a problem. Although non-existent in the United States, debtors prisons are still used widely in some countries, like Germany or nước Australia. Run up debt here, & you might find yourself in unexpected trouble.

Plan accordingly, & respect your host country.

10. Know What is Happening to lớn all the Things you are Leaving at Home

This seems obvious, but just make sure that everything will be taken care of while you are gone.

Chechồng out the kennel you are keeping your pets at, get someone lớn keep traông chồng of your mail, or have sầu it held at the post office until you get back. That way, you không tính tiền yourself from a lot of unnecessary headabít when you get back.

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