Write a paragraph about the benefits of playing sports

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Amuốn my favourite sports & hobbies, I like swimming the best for several reasons. Firstly, I think playing in the water could bring great joy. It also helps reduce bức xúc & I always feel refreshed và relaxed after swimming for about half an hour. Secondly, swimming is an excellent way khổng lồ keep myself fit và healthy. It helps build up my muscle strength và prsự kiện many heart & lung diseases. Finally, besides being a great sport, swimming is also an important survival skill, because without knowing how lớn swim well, it could be dangerous if there is a flood, or simply if we want to play near bodies of water. Many of such accidents have occured lớn teenagers lately. In conclusion, swimming will always be my preferred hobby because it is not only healthy and fun but also a life-saving skill.

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Write a short paragraph of around 100 words about the benefits of playing sports for children

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Sports exercises help children improve sầu their coarse and fine motor skills such as hand - eye coordination, foot - và - eye coordination ... khổng lồ better control their body, build confidence from walking, behave sầu. Playing sports can help children develop positive sầu behaviors such as striving, fair competition, teamwork and socializing. Some tactical sports such as soccer also help children khổng lồ train their minds và develop their confidence in the most natural & natural way according to the age of the child.

Sports help children happy, stiông chồng with the family more

Researchers around the world have sầu shown that sports help boost blood & oxygene levels in the brain, while also increasing the levels of norepinephrine và endorphins, which play an important role in reducing bao tay. . Therefore, when fully physically active sầu, children will usually eat better, sleep better, be optimistic & have fun. Sports activities help children learn how khổng lồ balance their life & move towards positive thinking. From the fun, excitement of sports, children will nurture their love for sports khổng lồ maintain a healthy, long-lasting lifestyle.

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Sports activities are also a great way for both of you to chia sẻ great moments together while playing a sport or cheering for family members in a certain tournament.

By helping children learn the necessary life skills

Sports helps children khổng lồ become acquainted with và khung teamwork, sense of responsibility, coordination, adaptability, self-esteem. Specific sports also help children build many other social skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, teamwork, sharing, cooperation, in a good way, solve problems, conflict ... và develop good qualities such as persistence, honesty, censure, good behavior when winning.

Follow the smart children, learn better

Dr Stewart Vella of the University of Wollongong, Australia, said: "The benefits of exercise are important & the more you exercise, the better your students will be." A 40-minute workout every day will help develop children"s cognition & ability to learn effectively

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