Viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh về chuyến du lịch

I have just returned from a 1-week holiday with my friends in Da Nang and Quang Ngai. We stayed most of the time in Da Nang. Then we spent the last few nights in a very picturesque and historic place called Hoi An Old Town. We had such a relaxing time on our holiday. We enjoyed some wonderful local food. It’s really delicious. The activities we enjoyed on holiday were walking, swimming and go out at night. The water is so fresh and clean, and the temperature is just refreshing - not too hot and not too cold. We went hiking in the mountains nearly for some days, which was very good for our fitness. I really enjoyed this holiday. I loved the fresh air and the scenery, and of course the food. I will certainly be going back there another year, as I think it"s one of my favourite parts of the world.

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It was a Friday morning and all members of the family got up quite early to get ready for the trip. We hired a car and drove for about two hours to arrive in Hai Phong province then got on a ferry to reach the destination.

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In spite of feeling a little bit tired, we got really excited when the beautiful coastline and sparkling blue ocean appeared in front of our eyes. We booked a family room in a 3-star hotel, which was pretty large and luxurious. The first activity we were so eager to experience was swimming. Unfortunately, the waves were too big for us to swim but it was fun to jump over them anyway. At night time, it was great to take off our shoes and wander along the coastline. The wind carried the distinctive smell of the sea, giving us a sense of peace and relaxation. Early on the next day, I woke up at 5 o’clock to follow my mom to the local market. We also hired bicycles to get around and explore the neighborhood, as well as find a souvenir shop to buy some gifts for our friends. On the last day in Cat Ba, my family took part in a small trip around Lan Ha bay by boat to immerse ourselves in the spectacular natural beauty here. The most interesting experience we had on the holiday was enjoying dinner on a boat. Eating fresh food on the sea when the sun came down really went beyond my expectations. After three days, we returned home but could not forget the great time we spent there. It was definitely one of the best memories of mine and my family members’.

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