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Get ready for one more incredible venture with Phineas và Ferb while playing this exciting Down Perry-Scope game! This time the two smart brothers came up with a new idea of building a submarine. With the help of Agent P, they plan to use it against Dr. Doofenshmirtz's evil scheme! They are eager for you khổng lồ join their dynamic team and assist them in the battle against the forces of evil!

Currently, the boys want to test the submarine out in their backyard lake. This is somehow disturbing lớn their sister, Candace, who is trying to sunbathe & relax on her airbed. However, the smart brothers & their secret agent pet are on a critical mission, and they have to do everything in their power lớn overcome the situation!

How to lớn play the game

Help Phineas, Ferb & Agent p. To stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz's cunning plan of capturing all the fish from the lake with his evil suction vortex device! The evil doctor plans lớn sell all the fish khổng lồ get a considerable profit! You can stop him by descending Agent phường from the submarine khổng lồ the bottom of the lake so he can collect the sponges from the crabs & use them khổng lồ clog the vortexes up! You must be extremely careful and focused at all times because this mission requires a lot of skill và precision.

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Use your left and right arrow keys to lớn tilt the submarine up và down. You need to lớn make all the right moves in order lớn win! You should use the spacebar lớn change the direction of the sub when you consider it necessary. Use your down arrow key lớn drop Agent phường to the bottom of the lake và grab the sponges or drop them into a vortex when you get close lớn one. You have to lớn protect the fish & clog those vortexes up really fast if you want khổng lồ save all of them! If all the fish are sucked into the vortexes, the game will be over.

Avoid the rocks, mines, và jellyfish because they are dangerous và can get you further away from your goal. Also, try not to lớn disturb Candace because you don't want her khổng lồ find out about the secret mission & tell her mother! Use your up arrow key to inform Ferb that he should press the button lớn release the gas from the engine if you want khổng lồ attain a higher speed.

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