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Part two of Attaông chồng On Titan"s last season is in full swing, và fans are in for a wild time, and there"s a game that captures that feeling perfectly.

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Attachồng on Tichảy 2 Final Battle
The long-awaited final chapter in Attaông xã On Titan has finally begun, and fans will finally get to see how Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, & Armin Arlert & Co's story wraps up. With an anime as frenetic và intense as Attaông chồng On Titan, translating the action to the đoạn Clip game medium is no small feat, but developers Omega Force and Koei Tecmo have somehow pulled off the impossible. Attack on Tirã Wings of Freedom brings fans of the series a game that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the show, while also providing some extremely tight gameplay.

A.O.T. Wings of Freedom released in 2016 for the PC, PS3/4, PS Vita, and Xbox One. While an Attaông xã On Titan game released in 2013 for the 3DS, Wings of Freedom offers the best experience, with a fully voiced cast reprising their roles, some fairly intuitive sầu controls, & large scale environments that matched the series' large scale enemies. However, it's Wings of Freedom's sequel that takes the cake for the best Attack On Titan game available right now.

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A.O.T. 2's Fluid và Responsive Gameplay

Attachồng on Titung Video trò chơi Coming in August - Sasha fighting Titan
The sequel lớn Wings of Freedom, simply titled A.O.T. 2, improved upon its predecessor in every single way. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in gameplay. While the first A.O.T. game had some fairly intuitive sầu controls, the sequel takes the time khổng lồ guide the player through each of its mechanical nuances with a dedicated tutorial, attached to the main story, fitting in narratively with Eren learning the ropes at Training Camp.

During the tutorial sequence, the player will learn how to swing using their ODM gear, boost with their gas cannisters, grapple onto lớn a Tichảy, & descover upon them with enough tốc độ và force lớn make a killing blow. This forms the core gameplay loop of A.O.T. 2, and once a player has gotten lớn grips with the extremely responsive sầu controls, the gameplay becomes an exhilarating thrill ride of dashing between giant Titung targets, winching inkhổng lồ one, delivering a visceral killing blow, then zipping to the next within mere seconds lớn repeat the process.

Some of the best scenes in the Attack on Titan anime see Levi or Mikasa frantically dashing between Titans, swiping their blades furiously, and watching the lumbering monsters drop khổng lồ the ground with a thud. The fact that the game manages khổng lồ capture this intense action, & put the player in the spot of Levi or Mikasa, is truly the work of some excellent game kiến thiết.

A.O.T. 2 Perfectly Captures the Atmosphere of the Anime

Attaông chồng on Tirã 2 - Best Haông chồng And Slash Games Aside From Hyrule Warriors
A.O.T. 2's gameplay may be what gets players in the door, but it's the game's atmosphere that will keep fans hooked long after the 20-hour Story Mode rolls credits. Although the satisfying và intense combat of the game captures the essence of the anime perfectly, there's a range of other technical factors that make it such a treat for long-time fans of the series.

One of the most obvious ways in which A.O.T. 2 captures the feeling of the anime is through its art style. The game uses cell-shading masterfully to make the characters, enemies, and environments all look as though they've sầu been ripped straight from the Attaông xã on Tichảy anime. Each character's face resembles their anime counterpart, và each stone on a building looks as though it's been animated by h&. As this art style is present throughout the game, the player is likely khổng lồ have sầu an immediate inherent connection khổng lồ the gameplay if they're a bạn of the anime.

However, capturing the unique atmosphere of the show goes much further than simply painting the game lớn look lượt thích the anime. A.O.T. 2 manages lớn capture the Attachồng on Titan essence through every facet of its gameplay & objectives.

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The standard structure of a mission will have the player darting between Titans, killing each one until there's none left of the field. While this core objective never really changes, the context behind each mission is key khổng lồ making the player feel as though they are living out an episode of the anime.

A given mission will usually start with a simple escort mission or a "wipe out x number of Titans" objective. As the mission draws on, the intensity of the gameplay gradually ramps up. Side objectives will start lớn appear around the map, each one appearing with a green flare in the sky that indicates a teammate requires assistance. A timer will then begin, và the player has to lớn balance their main objective sầu with rescuing their teammates, who are all beloved main và side characters from the anime.

During the course of just one mission, the player will have sầu khổng lồ make multiple split second decisions on whether they focus on the key objective sầu or they help out characters who they likely have sầu an emotional connection to lớn. Due to the limited resource system in the game, whereby the player will need khổng lồ reload their gas và blades frequently, this already highly-intense gameplay is made even more intense, with the player also having lớn decide how they use their limited resources most effectively.

But along with capturing the high-intensity of the anime, A.O.T. 2 also manages to encapsulate the anime's feeling of fleeting triumph. When a side mission is completed, the teammate the player has rescued often joins their squad. The player can have sầu up lớn four squad members at once, each with their own unique ability. Support characters like Armin offer resources like blades and health, while attaông chồng characters like Levi can dispatch Titans with a press of a button.

Once the player has had time khổng lồ experiment with each member of the Survey Corps, they'll be able to lớn combine their teammates' abilities with ease & precision. Zipping between Titans feels even more thrilling when the player can use iconic characters khổng lồ assist them, and often gives the player that brief feeling of triumph that's present in the anime's team-up moments.

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Mikasa và Reiner from the Attaông xã on Titung 2 Video Game
On its own, A.O.T. 2 is a near-perfect Attaông xã On Titan experience that captures all the nuanced atmosphere that's present in the anime while also providing gameplay that rewards mastering its controls. But A.O.T. 2 has an expansion that makes it the definitive Attachồng On Titan video game.

Titled Final Battle, this DLC adds a slew of new content to lớn the game. A substantial amount of story content is added to the game, bringing the events of the third season to the main Story Mode while also adding a range of missions that give alternate versions of missions throughout the story, this time from the perspective of another character with new objectives.

This DLC expansion also brings the anime's Thunder Spears and Anti-Personnel ODM gear to the game. These additions switch up the standard blade combat quite a bit, adding new ranged attaông chồng mechanics. New abilities are also added, giving characters that turn into Titans the ability to vì so on the field, allowing the player khổng lồ take control of Armored Tirã, Attaông xã Tirã, Female Tirã, Beast Tirã, and even the Colossal Tirã.

A.O.T. 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS Vita, Stadia, Nintenvì Switch, & Xbox One.

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