How to test a game controller input on windows 10

Hardware used lớn interact with a computer e.g., a keyboard, mouse, trackpad etc, are normally plug và play. Generic, no-name, off-brand, knock-offs will work with a PC without a problem.

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Game controllers are another type of input đầu vào device & like keyboards & mice, they tover khổng lồ come from known brands và they come from lots of knock-off manufacturers. Unlượt thích Keyboards & mice though, they may not work the same way. In fact, they may not work at all if Windows 10 is unable to install the right drivers for it.

Test a game controller on Windows 10

If you’ve connected a game controller khổng lồ your Windows 10 PC, and it isn’t working in a game or any & all games, you should check if the input is being detected.

A game controller may not work for various reasons so if you have sầu a generic controller, or if you have an Xbox or PS4 controller, & it isn’t working, you should kiểm tra if its đầu vào is being detected or not. You can run this kiểm tra from any modern browser.


In order lớn run this demo you need;

A modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Chromium Edge.Your controller on hvà, & connected lớn your system.Any and all drivers that are available for the controller installed on the system.

Test game controller input

To begin the kiểm tra, follow these steps.

Connect your game controller khổng lồ your PC.If you hear the installing hardware chime on Windows 10, allow drivers for it to lớn install.

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Press any button on the controller to lớn wake it up.The controller will be detected by Gamepad Tester.


Once the controller is detected, its buttons will be mapped and shown on the screen.Press the buttons & joysticks to chạy thử them all.For joysticks, you will be able lớn see the movement on the axis.The ứng dụng will also show you the time stamp for the various keypresses và their inputs.If your controller vibrates, cliông chồng ‘Vibration’ và it will thử nghiệm the vibration by vibrating the controller in your hand.


Interpreting results

Like keyboards and mice, if a keypress on the controller isn’t recognized, the button is probably broken. If no input is detected though, that means your controller isn’t mix up on your PC.

The other stats for the keypresses that are displayed can help you customize the responsiveness of the keys.

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