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In Last Day on Earth thủ thuật APK, fight for your life in a hostile environment! Meet a world where zombie hordes have the same need & hunger as you.

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Last Day on Earth
Mega Menu, Many Features

Menu ModOne Hit KillMovement SpeedFree CraftMax DurabilityInstant TravelUnlimited ItemUnlimited FoodUnlimited WaterNo Skill RequirementUnlock PremiumUnlock All SkinsUnlock xe đạp SkinsUnlock Weapon ModifyUnlimited Inbox Item

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Free crafting & building (you can craft things even if you don’t have enough components);Infinite durability of tools and equipment;You can split single items;Paid skins unlocked;After starting the game, click on the round button at the đứng đầu left to xuất hiện the thủ thuật menu, which has the following options:Dividing items increase their number;Infinite durability of tools and equipment (turn off before using the recycling machine);All crafting recipes are available regardless of the character level;Instant movement on foot across the global map (events vì not appear without wasting energy);Open the rewards of a paid survivor’s diary + moving from a location to lớn a global maps gives an unknown box + moving from a global bản đồ to a location will spawn raiders;Consumables are not spent (for example, first-aid kits – disable this vật phẩm if you cannot supply any item)Immortality;High damage;Fast walk;Mobs stand stillThe gian lận does not work in multiplayer locations! For entering them with burglary, the trò chơi can ban you!

The hack does not work on some devices! If it does not work for you (for example, there is an endless download, which cannot be fixed in any way) – bởi vì not use it.

Моd thực đơn (with a choice):– không tính tiền crafting & construction (does not work in PvP zones, including Sector 7);– không tính phí update– All recipes are open– Fast crafting on Workbench– Duplication of single items– When split resources, their number increases– Durability weapon– Instant travel on foot on the map– Unlocked all events on the global map– Unlimited food– Boost, x2 HP & other

Menu ModPremium UnlockBike Skin UnlockedWeapon Modify UnlockedBlackmod Gift ( Build Atv bike With One Click & More )Skin UnlockedOne HitGod ModeUnlimited Durability (Weapon , Armor…) Crash Fixed Magic Split (Split An cửa nhà To Get More) Craft From The 1st màn chơi ( No cấp độ Requirements )Item Duplication (Split An item To Get More)Free Crafting (Craft Without Required Items)Free Building (Build Without Required Items Tajobs)No Building RequirementsFree Upgrading (Upgrade Without Required Items)No cấp độ RequirementsFast TravelNo Energy Cost ( Choose Walk lớn Move )Instant Move ( Choose Walk khổng lồ Move )Unlock All EventUnlimited Iteam Food Water ( Turn Off If U Can Put nhà cửa )Fast Loot ( Click khổng lồ Loot No Wait Time)No cấp độ Skill Requirement ( open All Chest Dor Need Lv Skill )Unlimited Inbox thành quả ( Gift Box , Pack Box , Single Weapon )Fast Move SpeedAll sự kiện Unlocked

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