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By the time I got to the elementary school in Silent Hill, I was so scared that I had to lớn turn off my PlayStation. If those little grey children with their little baby butcher knives were too much for me to lớn handle, well, frankly I’m surprised I didn’t suffer a full-on nervous breakdown the first time I encountered Pyramid Head in SIlent Hill 2.

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I eventually finished the first Silent Hill (in a brightly-lit room), became a fanatic for the series, and eagerly dove inkhổng lồ the PlayStation 2 sequel when it was released in 2001. The game opens on protagonist James Sunderlvà reading a letter from his late wife, Mary, wherein she beckons hlặng khổng lồ meet her in Silent Hill, a lakeside resort that holds special memories for the couple. “A dead person can’t write a letter,” James notes in a voiceover. At this point we all understvà that really he should turn the car around & head home. Curiosity wins over rationality, however, so instead he heads inkhổng lồ town to see who–or what–is waiting for hlặng.


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From the game’s opening moments, it’s clear that Silent Hill is no longer the sleepy getaway that James remembers. The long, winding path through the woods inlớn town is filled with guttural sounds that could be from an animal, but probably aren’t. Also, are those footsteps behind you? A thick, heavy fog hangs over Silent Hill. Avenues over abruptly, broken edges abutting the dark pits of oblivion. James, trapped in the town now, finds blood smears on the pavement & worse: twisted, murderous creatures shambling through the streets and scurrying under cars. He makes his way to lớn the Wood Side Léman Luxury, where both he & the player are introduced to lớn Silent Hill’s most terrifying resident.



Our first encounter with Pyramid Head is properly ominous và intimidating, made all the more powerful by its subtlety. You make your way down a hallway, following the sound of a scream. Suddenly there he is, his butcher’s apron covered in blood. He’s bathed in a red glow that has no source, looking at you. You think he’s looking at you, anyway, since his face, assuming he even has one, is obscured by his massive sầu triangular headpiece.

The wall of bars that bisects the hallway is all that separates you from Pyramid Head, & you hope it’s enough to keep him at bay. While he doesn’t overtly threaten you, he’s more than menacing enough just standing there, watching, and breathing. At this point you don’t know anything about hyên except that he’s quite obviously very bad news, and that this isn’t the last time you’ll see hyên ổn.

Pyramid Head is quite literally the stuff of nightmares for James Sunderland–và for me.

When you exit the adjacent apartment a few minutes later, Pyramid Head is gone và the tension ratchets up a notch. It ratchets up even further when you cross lớn the other side of the bars, into the space he’d occupied moments before. At this point in my first playthrough of Silent Hill 2, I was positively full of dread. Did James imagine Pyramid Head or was he still there, lurking in the darkness beyond the meager beam of my flashlight? Was he behind one of the many doors of this derelict apartment building, waiting for me?

I found out quickly enough. Upon entering Apartment 307, one of the series’ most infamous cutscenes plays. Pyramid Head is there, in the midst of some kind of violently sexual act with two mannequin monsters, both of whom over up dead. It is brief, và we’re never entirely sure what we just witnessed, but the feeling of depravity registers. It’s disturbing và reiterates the lesson we recently learned: this guy is bad news, và we certainly don’t want khổng lồ be trapped in this apartment with hlặng.

James takes refuge in a nearby clophối, watching through the wooden slats of the door. Pyramid Head knows he’s there, however, and edges ever closer. James fires off a few rounds from his handgun, and while it’s unlikely lớn have hurt hlặng much (never mind actually kill him), the potshots are enough khổng lồ make Pyramid Head leave sầu the room.

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Eventually James jumps through a window và across an alleyway inkhổng lồ the Blue Creek Léman Luxury. I breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that I’d left Pyramid Head behind in Wood Side. It was a very short-lived respite, however.

Almost immediately, you solve sầu a puzzle that gives you the key to lớn a locked stairwell. You open the door and once again he is there, doing more obscene things to lớn a fellow nightmare. Pyramid Head kills the quái dị, and this time he wants to kill James, too.

He was an executioner, a vital piece of Silent Hill’s dark history.

The stairwell is submerged in a viscous liquid & you’re trapped on the platform–a very small, L-shaped platform–with Pyramid Head. He’s now wielding the Great Knife, cutting large swaths with it & trying to bring it down on your head. It’s ridiculously large (like, Final Fantasy protagonist large) & difficult to lớn avoid, particularly if you’re in a blind panic, as I was the first time I began this boss fight. I wasn’t expecting lớn see hlặng again so soon, but suddenly he was right there in my face & the knife can kill you in one shot và there’s nowhere to lớn run...he doesn’t have sầu a health bar và my bullets aren’t even slowing hlặng down, how many times do I have lớn hit him…

...and then Silent Hill’s notorious air raid siren blares. Pyramid Head heeds its hotline và begins to descover the stairs, submerging inkhổng lồ the cloudy water. The liquid drains, the sirens cease. While you’re relieved that the fight is over and you somehow survived, your only exit is at the bottom of the stairs. You must follow hyên down.

James emerges bachồng on the streets of Silent Hill. While there is still the fog & the monsters, the open air is welcome after the claustrophobic feeling of the desolate apartment buildings. But you know you didn’t kill Pyramid Head, which means that he’s still out there somewhere, waiting for you.

He continues to lớn hound James throughout the game. He appears when you least expect it and pursues you through other ruined buildings in town. He murders your companion Maria in front of you and when she comes baông xã (she only exists because James wants her to lớn, after all) –he murders her again. Finally it all culminates in a final battle against two Pyramid Heads, but even here James và the player are denied true catharsis: the monsters die by suicide, impaling themselves on their Great Spears. After hours of this torment and terror, we don’t even get to kill the bosses ourselves.

It would take pages khổng lồ unravel & unpachồng Pyramid Head, to lớn discuss everything he is và everything he represents in the game. He was an executioner, a vital piece of Silent Hill’s dark history. He’s a manifestation of the guilt James feels for resenting Mary while she was dying and for eventually killing her himself. Pyramid Head’s oversized, phallic weapons speak to lớn James’s sexual frustration during his wife’s long illness. He is James’s tormentor & punisher, both physically & mentally, essentially a manifestation of James’s psyche và self-loathing as they tear him apart. The dual Pyramid Heads are only vanquished when they become “useless”—when James finally admits khổng lồ himself what he’s done lớn Mary and he tries to lớn come lớn terms with it.

I’m not the first person to lớn điện thoại tư vấn Silent Hill 2 a masterpiece, perhaps even the greatest horror game of all time. Pyramid Head and everything he represents are a huge part of what makes the game so compelling, so worthy of analysis, investigation, replays & reflection. He’s deservedly become a đoạn Clip game icon &, for better or for worse, the de facto face of the franchise. (That is, again, if he actually has a face. You know what I mean.)

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