The game continuously lags


In recent years, games lượt thích PUBG di động, Fortnite, COD thiết bị di động, etc., have sầu pushed the di động gaming genre to new heights. The smartphones have gotten great processors & features and also more high-unique being made available.

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PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại is one of the most famous mobile games across the globe. But the game has its fair tóm tắt of issues as well. A lot of players have sầu complained that PUBG Mobile has issues such as frame drops and lags. These issues can be frustrating & might even ruin the fun of the game.

In this article, players will learn the trang nhất tips to lớn fix lag & frame drops in PUBG điện thoại.

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Fixing lag & issues in PUBG Mobile

1) Deleting cache

Players can clear the cabịt of their phones as it allows them lớn không tính tiền up a vital part of their memory.

If there is a low storage issue, the cache becomes a barrier for the phones, although it is the data of a particular application that assists it to function smoothly.

The smoothness of the game depends on the di động device that players use khổng lồ play the game on. To get the most desirable frame rates, users can decrease the graphics of PUBG Smartphone. This will give them higher frame rates & less lag.

6) Disabling the auto-update & sync feature of the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store has a feature that automatically updates apps on devices when they are made available. This takes up a high amount of data, which can increase the ping while playing PUBG Smartphone.

If users disable this option, they will have sầu to manually synchronize their data. This also means that the mạng internet wouldn’t be utilized for it.

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7) Disable Battery Optimization

All newer Android devices have Battery Optimization settings that save battery by reducing the phone"s performance.

To disable Battery Optimization, players can navigate to lớn battery settings > open battery saver and choose PUBG Smartphone > cliông xã on no restrictions.

This will help in delivering a smooth experience while playing PUBG mobile. It will disable the Battery Optimization for PUBG mobile, which will help in saving the battery.

8) Choose the right server

Most PUBG Smartphone players are usually playing on random servers rather than playing on the nearest server. Players can kiểm tra the hệ thống ping before jumping inkhổng lồ the match. They should always play on servers that have sầu the lowest ping. It helps reduce sudden lags while playing.

9) Using mic only when needed

In PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại, the microphone uses additional bandwidth to lớn carry the player"s voice when playing the game. Players who are facing a lot of lags can turn off voice chat and use text khổng lồ communicate.

Although it can be disturbing, it will help fix the lag issue while playing PUBG thiết bị di động as voice transfer requires good mạng internet.

10) Using WiFi

As PUBG di động requires a stable connection to render services, players are advised to use a WiFi connection while playing the game. This will allow for a better & smoother experience with no lag.

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