Metal gear solid v: the phantom pain (for pc) review

This bandaged hospital patient (voiced by Kiefer Sutherland) helps you avoid assassination during the game's opening moments.

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Mother Base is Diamond Dogs' trang chính turf. Here you can thử nghiệm you shooting skill và visit a seemingly lost Ground Zeroes friover.


Quiet is a mute, super-powered xạ thủ who accompanies you on missions. Her story arc is one of the more satisfying ones in The Phantom Pain.

Forward Operating Base (F.O.B.) missions task you with infiltrating another player's home turf. The goal is to lớn reach a particular destination, but you can snatch resources as you sneak.
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The Bottom Line

The Phantom Pain, the final Metal Gear game from Hideo Kojima, is one of the best stealth games ever conceived. The story doesn't match the usual excellent Metal Gear Solid standard, but the game's interlocking pieces are exquisite. editors select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate liên kết, we may earn commissions, which help tư vấn our testing. Learn more.


Excellent stealth mechanics and Mother Base management.Beautiful cinematics và in-game graphics.Supports 4K resolution & custom music.Wonderful original score and licensed 1980s music.Fun, tactical online missions.

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Repetitive missions.Truncated story.Sparsely populated open world.Many in-game micro-transactions.Not much to vì chưng at Mother Base.

Prior to its release, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ($39.99), the final Hideo Kojima-helmed entry in the long-running stealth-action series, was touted as the prequel game that would cchiến bại the loop on the nearly 30-year-old series. But while The Phantom Pain has all the surface trappings of a Metal Gear game—a hulking mech, super-soldier battles, and ramblings about the nature of armed conflict—its tale of loss và revenge actually raises more questions than it answers. Still, from a pure gameplay perspective sầu, The Phantom Pain is an huge achievement, and one of the best PC games when it comes khổng lồ stealth. You can also play Metal Gear Solid V on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & last-generation consoles.

The Man Who Sold the WorldWe"ve sầu already taken an in-depth look at The Phantom Pain ($10.99 at Amazon) on Xbox One. This đánh giá focuses on PC-exclusive features, gameplay changes, and our evolving opinions on the game"s surprising story, nearly one year after we first played through it.

In terms of story, The Phantom Pain begins nearly a decade after the series began in the standalone Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes($19.99 at Humble Bundle), with a hospitalized Big quái dị waking from a coma as the David Bowie tuy vậy "The Man Who Sold the World" blares. The mercenary leader"s body toàn thân is severely damaged from XOF"s attachồng, as depicted in Ground Zeroes" closing moments, and the villainous organization is on his trail lớn make sure that the legkết thúc doesn"t come baông chồng khổng lồ life.

A Metal Gear Solid game is always good for twists và turns, so we won"t spoil what happens during The Phantom Pain"s opening moments. We"ll say this, though: This one of the strongest kickoffs in video clip game history, complete with high tension, nightmarish imagery, Moby Dick allusions, and a mysterious, bandaged figure (voiced by 24"s Kiefer Sutherland) who helps you evade enemy soldiers. This tutorial sequence is thrilling, though a bit long. It introduces new mechanics và characters, while bringing back familiar faces from past Metal Gear Solid games.

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