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Baông chồng in 2012, a couple of months before The Avengers was released, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, a turn-based Facebook game, debuted. And like the movie that followed, it would attract countless users, with its addictive sầu gameplay and epic scope, pitting dozens of heroes against just as many villains (the roster of characters would grow exponentially as the game evolved).

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With the release of Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 (it just came out last week), the gameplay, graphics, và narrative sầu have sầu all advanced, lớn deliver an even more action-packed & enthralling experience. (Just lượt thích last time, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 comes out ahead of another anticipated cinematic experience—this time it’s the star-studded Captain America: Civil War.) And we got lớn chat with Justin Woods, a senior producer on the new game, who told us what it was like following up the phenomenally popular original game with a sequel the fans could get behind.

The last game came out in 2012. When did you start thinking about follow up? How did convos lead lớn where you are now?

That’s a great question. So, they actually hired me in 2012, right around the time the first Avengers film came out, so about, roughly about a month after the game came out. In the two years I was running that game with some other folks, we had talked about doing a sequel và were just waiting for the right time. And then the thiết bị di động market really took off & it was really obvious that we wanted to make a thiết bị di động game. When we started talking about what điện thoại game bởi we wanted lớn work on, we had all these people in the office who had all of this 3 chiều experience, whereas was a 2D game. In 2013 we had a conversation và said “Hey, let’s start lớn prototyping what a 3 chiều Avengers Alliance game would look like và throw it on di động.” So we started prototyping it in January 2014 and the rest, as they say, is history.

How vị you look at where the games fit into the Marvel Universe?

The way we see the games are sort of unwritten books. Imagine if someone gets a storybook and the pages are not filled yet—it’s actually a platform for storytelling. So, what we really are excited about with both of these games is that they just give us an opportunity lớn tell new stories, & introduce new characters that maybe you’re familiar with or maybe you’re not. The game appeals lớn people who are comic fans, but it also appeals lớn people who are fans of the films, và I like to lớn say that if you lượt thích any Marvel characters in any incarnation, you are a Marvel fan. I think there is upwards of 150 playable characters or something lượt thích that in the first game now, và we already have sầu about 40 in the new, & we’re just going live this week, & that’s because we want to lớn get as many different experiences và characters in the game as possible.

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We would tover lớn hotline it a turn-based JRPG, or a Japanese role playing game. Players who have sầu played the Final Fantasy games might be familiar with this style game where you have three people on your team, up lớn three people on the other team, & you’re selecting actions one at a time, & watching them play out in a turn-based fashion.

This being an online experience, what can people expect from the updates?

First of all, I talked about how we’re going to lớn be launching new characters all the time. We’re also going lớn be launching new chapters all the time, & our chapters have, right now, have sầu six missions of three difficulties each, so there’s a great khuyến mãi of depth in every single chapter. We also have a feature called “special operations,” and that’s something we’ve sầu carried over as a concept from Avengers Alliance—it’s a time-limited, slightly shorter chapter và it’s really focused around a one nhân vật. It’s a really fun, exciting, engaging, deep piece about these characters rather than an overarching narrative sầu over the entire universe.

With customization và constant updates, will fans see elements from Captain America: Civil War or upcoming comic book events?

Well, Marvel has been an amazing partner for us, và one of the things we’re really excited about is that they have opened up lớn us the ability lớn tie into publishing events & the comic books, or the events in the TV shows, or Netflix series, as well as events in the film. But you touched on something that was really interesting there which was customizability, & I realize that I haven’t mentioned one of the cool things that’s different about Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 that we’re really excited about is that every nhân vật can have sầu customized abilities. What I mean by that is that you have three different ability swaps for every single nhân vật, but there are up khổng lồ eight different abilities that you can earn and unlochồng for each of those heroes, & then each of those abilities have sầu a phối of progression tied to lớn them as well that you can màn chơi them up or rank them up và make them more powerful, và add additional statuses & game play in those abilities. The amount of depth in one of these heroes is really, really great.

What should people playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 know going inkhổng lồ the game?

To the fans who are new fans we built a brvà new story from the ground up just for them. We built an experience tailored to what sản phẩm điện thoại gamers want in their games & we gave a very fresh, new experience that it’s a great jumping-on point. You’re not missing out on anything if you’ve sầu never played the original game, the story is not going lớn be something that is confusing to lớn you if you’ve never played the original game. At the same time, because of all of those fresh takes, and for the new điện thoại experience and that new story, we think original players are going to want to play both games because they have enough different khổng lồ offer between the two of them. We really hope that players are going khổng lồ be interested in playing và participating in both, learning the stories & secrets of both, & building out their roster of heroes khổng lồ build the ultimate Avengers Alliance.

You can download Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 now on iOS, Android, Amazon, và Microsoft, right now.

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