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The Age Of Empires iconic RTS franchise has plenty of useful & downright weird cheats lớn use. Here are some of the best cheats in Age of Empires 2.


For many Age of Empires was their first foray into the RTS genre & it’s a classic that still holds up lớn this day, so much so the original và its highly popular sequel have been re-released in HD remakes and remasters more than once. But for anyone with fond memories of this series, there’s always a handful of cheat codes that they hold dear since it was back in an era when you could pop in a random code that sounded lượt thích nonsense but changed the game exponentially.

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Age of Empires 2 has always leaned into the weird and dumb fun side of things when it comes to lớn its cheats and it only got stranger as the series went on, but there are also some incredibly useful ones. If you’re thinking of revisiting AOE 2 or are trying it for the first time, here’s a couple of classic cheat codes you can play around with by just hitting Enter & typing them out.


Building up resources in Age of Empires 2 isn’t too difficult as long as you don’t spread your villagers too thin, but often by the time you have enough khổng lồ put aside for a decent army or powerful upgrades, the in-game enemy AI is already on its way to steamroll you.

To top up your supplies in a pinch there’s a couple of handy resource cheats that give sầu 10k per resource apiece. For example, "Cheese steak jimmy’s" is for food, "Robin hood" is gold, và "Roông chồng on" is for stone. The catch-all ‘Ninjalui’ gives 10k by default for all resources, but that code can be a little temperamental and it doesn’t always work.


The bản đồ of Age of Empires 2 is a dark & fog-covered realm. There are two layers lớn it, vision range và fog of war and they obscure the entire maps until it’s uncovered by your units. A staple in every RTS, the only downside is that the enemy AI likes to spread itself across different parts of the bản đồ, turning short matches inlớn long slogs as you need khổng lồ hunt down every last villager.

But, entering "Marco" reveals the entire bản đồ including view range, so you can instantly see where the hostile encampment is và where their troops are currently headed. It’s pretty handy for planning your attacks ahead of time, finishing off stragglers or keeping an eye out for any incoming assaults before they hit your walls.


Building anything in Age of Empires 2 is going to take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day và neither is your village so you’ll need to lớn be patient. Low tiers buildings lượt thích huts, towers, & barracks are relatively quiông chồng, but bigger things like marketplaces & especially Wonders can take quite a while.

You can get around this completely though with the instant build cheat. By entering in "Aegis" you will be able to construct buildings as quickly as you can place them. Although bear in mind those constructs aren’t miễn phí & if you get a bit overzealous you can burn through resources too quickly accidentally.


One of those cheats that belong in the weird and odder side of Age of Empires 2, the control wildlife cheat is strange but pretty fun if you want to mess around with something different for a while. In this case, you can take full control of the various animals dotted around the maps.

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By entering "Natural wonders" you’re immediately given control of every single sheep, hawk, bear, deer, & any other animal wandering around the maps. You can order them around, some of them can attachồng hostile forces, but keep in mind they still have the same stats of wildlife so they can’t really vày much other than be a minor annoyance.

Still, it’s fun khổng lồ skết thúc a hoard of hawks to lớn circle an enemy base as rebé or waves of deer lớn confuse & delay. Or you can bring every huntable animal in the game to lớn your base lớn make gathering meat from their carcass that much easier for your villagers.

Although it may seem lượt thích just entering in a code where you automatically win can seem lượt thích it sucks the fun out of the game, it can be pretty helpful.

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For example, if you’ve already destroyed the enemy base but there are villagers scattered around the maps that would just unnecessarily prolong the game and you just want it to lớn kết thúc already. Or, if you’re stuông chồng on a mission & would rather see the rest of the game, or you’re cthất bại lớn winning and a single mistake makes it all go wrong. Just sticking in ‘I r winner’ instantly nets you the victory regardless of what was going on.

Anyone who played the original Age of Empires 2 back in the day will remember with fondness the anarchy a couple of Cobra Cars could bring to a fight. Easily spawned en mass by putting in "How bởi vì you turn this on", this ridiculously overpowered unit could devastate armies và turn cities into crumbling heaps in seconds.

Based on the iconic Shelby Cobra roadster, this nippy sports car comes with 500 hitpoints, a rather large range of 10 (archers have sầu 4) and it sprays a relentless wall of bullets at any target that wanders too cthảm bại. They cost no resources khổng lồ have sầu & despite their need lớn be constantly micro-managed, the Cobra Car is a high damage dealing force of nature.

Another of the weirder cheats, this one turns the non-interactive Hawk animals in Age of Empires II inlớn cape-wearing flying dogs. It doesn’t alter gameplay in any way, but it’s a fun visual change that can always raise a chuckle when it floats past.

To unloông xã the Stormy Dog model for the Hawks just press Enter then put in the code “WOOF WOOF”. It should then immediately take effect turning all of the screeching birds into red-caped covered flying Alsatians. According to developer Matt Pritchard, the cheat was based on his own dog that he rescued as a puppy from a storm drain in 1997, and putting this good boy in the game was his way of memorializing hlặng in videogame history.

One of the most interesting things about this cheat code, aside from what it does, is that it went completely undiscovered by the Community for a long time. Originally it was introduced in the Rise of the Rajas DLC for Age Of Empires II: HD in năm nhâm thìn, it took until the Definitive Edition two years later for it khổng lồ be found.

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Sticking in “catzor” will spawn this incredibly adorable but extremely deadly unit at your Town Centre. With a staggeringly high Hit-Point kích cỡ of 600, this amphibious unit of a hat-wearing mèo riding a shark spews out high damaging laser beams that also vày splash damage. Also, it counts as Siege Equipment, so upgrades for your artillery will also buff it even further turning it into lớn quite the boss khủng when you get to lớn that late-game tech.

Perhaps the most iconic cheat unit in the entire series, the Photon Man first appeared in the first Age of Empires game and this space suit-wearing trooper was a laser spewing damage-dealing detháng. Capable of blasting apart Town Centres in minutes, spawning these futuristic soldiers of fortune en masse before sending them as a devastating wave sầu that melts through enemy defenses was always satisfying lớn watch.

To grab this extremely overpowered unit just press Enter and put in the cheat code “Photon Man”. There won’t be any noise or signal that the cheat is activated, but if you check around your Town Centre you should see him hanging out, silently waiting for his next orders. Although if you own the Definitive Edition he’s only available after taking part in the Age Of Empires 2 Anniversary Event.

The Lord of Sass, the Wooly Wanderer, Call hyên ổn what you will but Alfred The Alpaca is the darling of the Age Of Empires Community. Using the same Llama mã sản phẩm, only slightly smaller và with a sparkling golden crown sitting at a jaunty angle, Alfred is a surprisingly effective sầu unit that also has some of the best voice lines in the game.

Spawned using the code “Alpaca simulator”, Alfred puts out a decent melee damage amount of 1đôi mươi, but his real selling point is high armor of đôi mươi & 140 health points. What this means is he’s incredibly tanky & he does trample damage which is basically chip damage lớn units adjacent to the one he’s currently attacking. Even if you don’t use hyên in battle, Alfred is still a pretty funny character khổng lồ keep around your base, for moral tư vấn if anything.

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