Lords of the fallen for iphone/ipad reviews


The di động version of Lords of the Fallenis an entertaining kích hoạt RPG that ultimately falls short of revolutionizing the LotF formula for a new audience.

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Overall, if you"re a fan of the monsters and the environment of the originalLords of the Fallen, which released in2014 (and $10 is no big giảm giá to you), it this sản phẩm điện thoại iteration willbe worth picking up lớn play on your bus ride khổng lồ work -- or however you consume sản phẩm điện thoại gaming.

Unfortunately, for the rest of us, there is nothing particularly special about this iteration. Though the graphics are great, the combat is mediocre & the crafting is uninspired. Let"s take a look at why.

The LordsAre Looking Good on Mobile


The graphics for Lords of the Fallen on mobile are stunning & the monsters look great. Half of your incentive to play through the game will be to lớn see what kind of behemothsDeck13 Interactivehas waiting for you in the next part of the castle. Their designs are unique và their animations arefluid.

The game is similar lớn Infinity Bladeand Chaos Rings in a number of ways, graphics and design included.

Lords of the Fallen has a darker nature than most games, and its smartphone version has stayed true lớn this vision. The lighting & grungy detail really make this a sharp, beautiful game.

There is no free-roaming, as this is a gladiator style ARPG. Much of your feel for environment and depth of world will come from short cut scenes that show your character ambling around the halls. Surprisingly, it was easy to start looking forward to lớn these. These snippets are a great way to lớn get a glimpse of the worldand how the characters move through it.

All in all, the graphics and design hold this trò chơi together.

Craftingin Lords of the Fallen is Uninspired


Crafting in Lords of the Fallenis terribly unoriginal and somewhat pointless. The player is rewarded a bunch of random, obscureloot from each quái thú theydefeat or chest they open, và somehow these body toàn thân parts & roots (or whatever) can help you nâng cấp your weapons và craft potions.

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It"s possible someone with a deeper understanding of the lore would appreciate this system, but as a new player it mostly just obscure. "Yes, thank you for this heart, I will treasure it..." maybe?


The player could also just notbother paying attention khổng lồ this static loot collection methodand buy the upgrades and potions with their in game currency. Don"t forget (while you do manage to pick some up along the way) that you can buy that currency with real money. Don"t. Forget.

Why is there a cash siêu thị in a mobile game that already costs $10?

Once you"ve accumulated enough goopy parts or in trò chơi coins, you can merge lower cấp độ versions of your equipment with higher màn chơi versions, or buy a new piece of equipment-- và that seems to lớn be about it.

As for additional RPG elements, besides linear leveling they don"t appear to lớn exist.

Combat in Lords of the Fallen smartphone is Entertaining, but Lacking

The combat is mediocre. The combo options are a nice addition, but technically speaking, it was difficult lớn rely on the more complicated stuff to lớn work properly.Your attack options include thủ thuật up, right, và left, while trying khổng lồ pull off combos or (and this is a real bum to the combat flow) tap a spot on the screen as fast as you can when prompted.

Defending is a little more complicated, with options for dodge, parry, and block. These each will stun the opponent after three successes (parry only takes one), và you"ll find yourself relying on this mechanic possibly more than any other in the game.

Each character does have magic available khổng lồ them, & spamming these is a no brainer because it appears that the player can"t take damage while casting.


The over result, especially when things start lớn get more difficult, is a block - slash - magic repeat type of game. Even with additional characters or equipment it doesn"t seem necessary to lớn change the tactics up at all.

There are a few button and swipe prompt scenes, but these don"t really add anything khổng lồ what is already boring combat. Two of the several I played glitched out anyway.

The trò chơi has a lot of shine, but subpar combat và missing RPG elements make it a tedious endeavor.At a lower price point, it would have been easier to lớn give this mobile action RPGa higher score.

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