5 simple ways to stay fit & healthy


You want to know how to stay fit and healthy at home. Well, half of the battle is simply having the right mindset and taking action to change the way you are living. So, you are already in the right place just by reading this!

I understand how hard it can be to want to live a healthy lifestyle, but not know where to start or what you should be practicing. That’s why I’m here to help you and give you 7 EASY TIPS to stay fit and healthy, all while being at home!

So let’s start with tip #1, shall we?

Here’s the real me, friends #nomakeup #sweatpantlife. I usually go outside to my backyard to work for a little to get fresh air on the daily!

TIP #1: Drink Plenty Of Water Throughout The Day

Now, there is a reason why I put this tip as #1 on the list. One of the best exercises to stay fit and healthy is to drink plenty of water during the day.

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Water is SO important for our health and our bodies. Did you know that we (us humans) are made of 60% water and our blood is 90% water? I think the numbers here speak for themselves.

Every system, cell, tissue, muscle fiber, and organ needs water to function properly and efficiently. Without it, our bodies simply can’t perform to do its job.

Here are some reasons why water is important for your body:

Regulates your body temperature.Lubricates and cushions your joints.Protects your spine and other tissues.Gets rid of the wastes and toxins in your body.

If you are not getting a sufficient daily water intake, you risk the potential for health problems to develop (and we don’t want that).

Dehydration hurts the body by doing things such as impairing brain function, creating nauseating headaches, having low energy levels, causing muscle spasms and cramps, and so much more. This also has an effect on your emotional status as well.

Things such as irritability, mood swings, and confusion could all happen when you don’t get enough water.

So you might be wondering, well how MUCH water should I be drinking per day to stay fit and healthy?

I’m pretty sure you have seen some suggest that you should be drinking 6-8 cups of 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

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While this is a good starting point, there are very few studies and research done on this.

The truth is, everyone is different! Water intake should be calculated based on your own specs. Here are the steps to calculating the amount of water you need:

Find your weight.Let’s take our friend, Taylor, here for example. She weighs 120 pounds.Multiply your weight by ⅔ (or 67%).So we would take 120 x ⅔ = 80 ouncesOptional Step: Add 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of exercise to your daily water intake.If Taylor exercises for 60 minutes each day, she would add 80 + 24 = 104. So Taylor’s daily water intake should be 104 ounces!

Pretty simple right?

But I get it. Consciously reminding yourself to drink water throughout the day can be hard. We often find ourselves to be super busy with no time to think about how much water we drank today.

So here are some tips for this tip (lol) if you struggle to drink enough water throughout the day:

Skip the sugary drinks. Things such as soda, packaged juices, and alcohol have unnecessary amounts of sugar and contain a high-calorie count. Replace these drinks with water instead!Have a glass of water with every meal you eat. This can help you in getting more water in as well as not overeating (guilty as charged for this one).DRINK WATER WHILE YOU WORKOUT. Your body is working harder and at a faster rate when you exercise, meaning you need to keep replenishing your body with water more frequently!

Now, there is another way for you to get your water in to stay fit and healthy, but we’ll get to that in tip #5
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