The Best Gta 5 Mods


Looking for a danh sách of ridiculous GTA 5 mods? No longer just a few cheats and trainers, the modding scene is now rife with crazy additions, useful tweaks, & big transformations.

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If you’re considering adding a few little non-developer-approved improvements to lớn one of the best open-world games, take your pichồng from our menu of the best available.

A word of caution: many of these mods make use of ‘memory hooks’ khổng lồ enable them to tinker with the fundamentals of the game, và if you try to lớn play GTA Online with them installed, you’ll be swiftly banned on suspicion of cheating. We recommend keeping a separate installation if you want to lớn switch between GTA Online & a modded GTA V single-player experience frequently – definitely back up your game files before making changes. Alternatively, if you’re looking to lớn spice things up in multiplayer, head over to our GTA RP hệ thống guide, apply to join a roleplay server as an NPC, & live out your dreams of roaming the streets as a vigilante grandma.

How vị I install Grand Theft Auto V mods?

Installing GTA V mods is really simple. You just need lớn copy the mod files you’ve downloaded into the main GTA V thư mục. If you’re using the Steam version of the game, this will probably be:

c:program files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonGrvà Theft Auto V

or similar. If you’re not using the Steam version, you’ll need khổng lồ find the main game thư mục with the GTAV.exe pháo file in.

Some of the more complex mods require the installation of additional tools, such as Script Hook V. You’ll need lớn tải về Script Hook V, open the .zip thư mục and find the ‘bin’ thư mục, and copy and paste the three files into lớn the main Grand Theft Auto lớn V thư mục. Installation guides for any additional tools, & occasionally full installers, are available on the gian lận download pages.

These advanced mods aren’t all guaranteed khổng lồ work harmoniously together – by all means, give combining them a shot, but you’ve got the best chance of a successful gian lận installation when working with the vanilla game as a base. Just in case you weren’t paying attention before – bởi vì not try to join GTA Online with a modded game unless you’re a glutton for digital punishment.

Best gta5 mods


Festive sầu Surprise

The Festive sầu Surprise gian lận brings a bit of Christmas joy lớn Los Santos. Franklin, Michael, & Trevor each get a fancy red Santa hat, & Christmas trees are dotted around the bản đồ lớn get you in the Christmas spirit.



Feast your eyes upon the beautifully refreshed streets of Los Santos with new weather, skies, & a multitude of lush 4k textures courtesy of GTA V Redux. It’s not just a visual overhaul – Redux also includes tweaks to vehicle handling, a reconfigured police system, improved weapon feel and behaviour, & more sophisticated NPC behaviour.


LSPD First Response

‘It’s lượt thích a whole new game’ is a bit of a cliđậy, but LSPD First Response transforms GTA V into lớn one of the best police games out there. To get started you’ll head lớn the police station và create a character before heading out onto lớn the mean streets and responding to lớn robberies, dynamic crime events, & oto chases. Now you can find out what it’s lượt thích to be on the other end of a police chase.

The team behind LSPDFR are also looking khổng lồ branch out into RDR2 Mods – they’re behind the modding trang web


World of Variety

World of Variety adds vehicles & assets from GTA Online inlớn single-player GTA V to lớn make the world look and feel more alive và varied – that includes the fancy cars from the lakiểm tra GTA V DLC.


ATM Robberies & Bank Heists

Satisfy your criminal cravings with ATM Robberies & Bank Heists, perfect for that handy injection of funds when the ngân hàng balance gets a little low. This mod lets you steal cash from any of the 47 ATMs or any of the 10 banks, but you’ll need lớn escape to a safehouse to lớn secure your haul.


Complex Control

This gameplay overhaul thủ thuật puts you in the shoes of a procedurally generated Avatar who must battle against NPCs in an ever shrinking map – sound familiar? Inspired by the best battle royale games, and incorporating rogue-lite elements to lớn keep things interesting, Complex Control is an incredibly fun and challenging addition lớn the game.


GTA mở cửa All Interiors

Grvà Theft Auto V’s Los Santos may be huge, but there’s still plenty of areas closed off to you. Frequently you’ll see huge tourist attractions that look like they’ll be explorable, only lớn walk up và discover their doors permanently locked. This xuất hiện All Interiors mod makes plenty of previously locked buildings explorable, just for a little added authenticity.


GTA Gravity Gun

From the moment Valve sầu put the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, manipulating objects in zero-G has been a go-lớn feature for almost every modding community. This is GTA V’s Gravity Gun mod, & it does exactly what you expect it khổng lồ. Watch out for hurling cars.


the Simpsons SpringfieldPolicepack

Police are often associated with fear và keeping order in various unruly towns and cities. But it doesn’t have khổng lồ be that way. The Simpsons Springfield Police paông xã replaces the fuzz’s various vintage cars và subs them with the various vehicles you recognise from Springfield. No sign of Chief Wiggum though, sadly.


GTA Basic Needs

Quite honestly, if you’re a PC game and you’re not a survival slặng, you’re doing it wrong. At least that’s what the ‘New’ tab on Steam suggests. Make GTA V a survival game by adding some Basic Needs to the game. Having fun is only as important as eating and sleeping, so keep filling your face and taking naps.


GTA Fuel Script V

To add a touch more realism to lớn your urban sandbox, why not make vehicles burn fuel? Before engaging in a wild chase, make sure you’re fuelled up, because running dry with six cops ramming your tail kết thúc won’t finish well.


GTA 5 Trucking Missions

One of the PC’s most beloved games is Euro Truck Simulator, proving we somehow adore doing mundane tasks in games for zero pay. Trucking Missions brings the joy of triệu Euro Truchồng khổng lồ Los Santos and the surrounding area, which thanks to lớn lax gun laws and the local meth-head population is a far more dangerous/exciting world than the motorways of Europe.


The Red House missions and heists

Grvà Theft Aulớn V isn’t exactly short of missions, but you’ll run out eventually. Thankfully modders are here lớn keep you well stocked, & The Red House adds more than twenty new missions including assassinations và gang clean-outs khổng lồ the game, plus a new heist.


GTA Zombies

Everyone else is stuffing zombies in their game, so why not GTA? This thủ thuật allows you lớn fill the streets of Los Santos with crowds of the walking dead for round-based survival. Fover off each successive wave of corpses for bigger và better rewards.

Raiseof the dead:Chechồng out our các mục of the best zombie games


GTA Car Jetpacks

It’s 20trăng tròn, và we still don’t have sầu flying cars. It’s a problem in the real world, but not in virtual Los Santos, where with a little bit of coding you can stick jetpacks on cars. Ignore traffic queues và get there on time.

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With its heavy story, huge world, và massive sầu length, GTA V is almost an RPG. Don’t settle for almost though; swap genres entirely with this GTA RPG hack. It adds a questing system to lớn the game, a character creator, & even branching dialogue trees. Forget about making big bucks, make big XP instead.


GTA Iron Man armour

There’s absolutely no reason to lớn trundle around Los Santos in a car when you could strap on some exoskeleton armour & blast off into the skies. That’s exactly what you can vày with this Iron Man armour. It also comes in handy for gang warfare, since it is equipped with repulsor blasters in the palms và chest. If the war escalates, you could always nâng cấp lớn the chunky Hulkbuster variant.


R*enhancer Photorealism

GTA IV’s champion mod was Icenhancer, a graphical thủ thuật that made Liberty City look genuinely real. If you’re looking for a similar effect in GTA V, R*enhancer Photorealism is the way lớn go. It’s a lighting overhaul that adjusts atmospheric effects & works wonders on car reflections. The enhanced weather really adds khổng lồ the feel.


GTA Funny Vehicles

No one wants khổng lồ drive normal cars, even if it’s the fasdemo car in GTA 5. You can vày that in real life. Instead, we want lớn drive sầu a DeLorean DMC-12 time machine, or a Batthiết bị di động, or that thing from The Flintstones. Simply copy và paste a few files và you can drive all these cars & more in GTA V.


GTA Better Deformation

Thanks khổng lồ the fact that no one can drive properly, you spkết thúc quite a lot of time involved in car crashes in GTA V. They’re never quite spectacular though; there’s none of those twisted door pillars and engines hanging from torn body toàn thân work. Better Deformation makes an art size of oto destruction, & encourage you lớn take less good care of your vehicles.


Crime & Police Rebalance and Enhancement

You’ve sầu only got to accidentally clip a cycdanh mục with your wing mirror và suddenly the cops are chasing you down. No one even dialed 911, và you won’t get away with a caution. It’s jail time for you, và you’ll be filled with bullets before the cuffs go on. Some would argue that this is a realistic depiction of US policing, but it certainly isn’t fair gameplay. Crime & Police adjusts the detection system; an NPC has khổng lồ report your crime first, và you can prevent them from dialing. Enemy accuracy scales with speed, so in a oto chase they won’t still hit with pinpoint precision. And silencers are now more effective, allowing you to stealth missions with much more effectiveness. Your wanted cấp độ is also more logical; getting a single star won’t have sầu the entire LSPD hunting you down.


Drive GTA 5 Train

How vì chưng you drive the train in GTA 5? It won’t stop. It has no feelings. It is a physics-defying metal snake of sorts. Install this script however & you’ll be permitted to hop inside the cabin & take over control of the train. Speed up, slow down. Stop. Go. All of the main train driving options are available lớn you. Looks a little janky, mind.


GTA 5 Nice Fly

This one lets you fly around like some kind of superb man. You must be wearing a parachute in order for it to work, because safety is paramount.


No Water + Tsunangươi + Atlantis Mod

The amount of effort Rockstar put into designing Los Santos’s seabed is inversely proportional khổng lồ the effort modders put inkhổng lồ naming mods. That said, the “No Water + Tsunangươi + Atlantis Mod” allows you to lớn edit the game’s sea level khổng lồ either drain the oceans or flood the city, turning it inlớn either Mad Max or Waterworld, respectively.


GTA 5 Pedestrian Riot

Hearkening baông xã lớn the old days of Gr& Theft Auto lớn 3’s cheat codes, the Pedestrian Riot gian lận causes all civilians khổng lồ be aggressive towards you & one another. It also arms them with random weapons, resulting in all kinds of unpredictable madness to unfold. Try climbing khổng lồ a safe vantage point & watching as the đô thị tears itself apart.


GTA 5 The Army Spawns At Five sầu Stars

In older Grvà Theft Aulớn games, baông chồng when Rockstar took themselves only slightly less seriously, the armed forces would arrive sầu lớn take you down if your murderous rampage went on too long. Grvà Theft Auto V ditched this top-tier wanted level, but this gian lận puts it baông xã in place. Get five-star notoriety và you’ll be pursued by the nation’s finest. The mod’s pragmatic title sounds weirdly poetic too.


GTA 5 Ragdoll on Demand

Television – that antiquated thing where you passively observe other people doing things – has made a lot of money out of people falling over. Bring the hilarity of candid camera khổng lồ GTA with the Ragdoll on Dem& hack, and you – yes YOU! – can decide the exact moment someone falls over! It even works in cutscenes, meaning you can add a touch of funny khổng lồ even the most serious gangster-business talks.


GTA 5 Native Trainer

Another trainer, so technically a cheat more than a hack, but Native sầu delves deep into the source code of GTA V to allow you khổng lồ turn on và off a variety of interesting settings. Fancy enjoying a little low gravity? Simply hit the on button from an in-game thực đơn & easily bunny-hop down the Vinewood hills with huge jumps and little danger lớn your health. You can even swap out character models & become a cát for the day.


North Yankton GTA

An extension for the Native Trainer, this unlocks the Fargo-like area of North Yankton. This is the area where the game’s prologue takes place, và is inaccessible from Los Santos. So if you fancy heading baông chồng there, unlochồng the boarders with this hack.


GTA Expanded Field Of View

When playing the game in first-person, GTA V’s field of view can feel a little restricted. There is a slider in the camera settings thực đơn that allows you lớn alter it, but the highest setting is a measly 55 degrees. Modder DrDaxxy has remedied this oversight with a little bit of code that allows you lớn set your FOV to any value you fancy. You’ll need to edit the fov.txt tệp tin lớn vày so, but that little bit of fiddling will mean you can finally see Los Santos with the eyes it was always meant for.


GTA 5 Virtual Reality

If there’s one game world that really needs to be experienced through virtual reality, it’s Los Santos. By using a program calledVorpX, the FoV gian lận above sầu, and the đoạn phim tutorial below, you can get GTA V running in VR on an Oculus Rift DK 2. It’s a little crude right now, but still allows a functional armchair visit khổng lồ digital LA.


SweetFX GTA graphics enhancer

Not strictly a custom GTA V gian lận, SweetFX is a graphics post-processing injector that adds a variety of fancy visual effects to games. It can be used on pretty much anything, but tests on GTA V reveal that it runs pretty much perfectly. The enhanced look removes the washed-out feel the game can sometimes have sầu, providing bolder & deeper colours.


GTA God Mode Trainer

If when you think of mods your brain automatically points in the director of infinite health, ammo, và money, then not only are you a big cheater, but you’ll want lớn have a look at this trainer mod. Aside from the infinite provisions, you’ll also be able khổng lồ leave behind the days of walking too slow and reloading guns. And you’ll handily be able to teleport around the maps, completely removing the need lớn drive cars, & thus play half of the game.


GTA OpenIV Tool

If making mods is more your thing, you’ll want to get your hands on OpenIV. It’s the toolset used khổng lồ access & edit the game files of GTA IV và Max Payne 3, but clever PC gamers have sầu managed lớn get the program to unpachồng GTA V. Crachồng thegame open và get scrambling.


GTA Vice City Remastered

This GTA 5 gian lận brings Vice City inkhổng lồ the modern era, with a complete remastering of Vice City from Lunchxbles. You can also add in Tommy Vercetti with a separate mod, lớn really take a step bachồng inkhổng lồ the neon dashed waterfront that captures 80s Florida so well.

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And there you go, the best GTA 5 Mods. Once again, bởi vì keep in mind that when applying mods a lot of them fiddle with memory allocations, which may well be identified by Rockstar as cheating when it comes to going online. Best stichồng lớn singleplayer when using anything non-official.If you fancy mixing things up without fiddling around in folders, see our danh sách of GTA 5 cheats for a các mục of console commands which will let you bend Los Santos to lớn your will.

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