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Trying to find games like Nông Dân Siêu Phàm? Try these 8 great games that are similar khổng lồ Nông Dân Siêu Phàm, but stand out in their own awesome ways. This is a comprehensive danh sách of best games like Nông Dân Siêu Phàm that have sầu been tried, tested và recommended.

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The best games lượt thích Nông Dân Siêu Phàm are:

arrow_rightFarmers 2050arrow_rightSupernatural Apocalypsearrow_rightSupernatural Mahjongarrow_rightSupernatural Purgatoryarrow_rightSupernatural Quizarrow_rightSupernatural Roomsarrow_rightSupernatural - Hunters

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1. Farmers 2050

Droughts occur, mortgage payments come due, và pigs don’t just sweat their bacon. Discover what it really takes to lớn help feed the world.Now you can create and manage a sustainable farm of your very own. Tkết thúc to crops; raise animals; & craft goods to trade, sell & donate in your local community all the while managing the three pillars of sustainability -- environment, economic & social.Features:Plant, grow và harvest fresh crops, fruits và vegetablesNurture & raise a variety of animalsCraft và sell goods with local partnersSource ingredients from around the worldGet help from local experts -- an agronomist, veterinarian or mecacsantangelo1907.comCustomize and decorate your farm to lớn make it one-of-a-kindFarmers is FREE to lớn play. No advertisements or in-ứng dụng purchases.Please note: Farmers is an online game. Your device must have an active sầu internet connection khổng lồ play.

Categories in common with Farmers 2050: Educational

Platform: iOS | Android


2. Supernatural Apocalypse

Supernatural Apocalypse is action strategy game to kill monsters, ghosts and demons.You will become Sam Winchester in this game khổng lồ vì chưng the mission khổng lồ save sầu the world. But you can asking for help from Dean, Castiel and Bobby.Supernatural Apocalypse Features:-ACHIEVEMENTS, you have lớn complete four tasks to gain new rank & become stronger.-HIRE HUNTERS, you can hire hunters khổng lồ help you, you can choose between DEAN, CASTIEL & BOBBY.-UPGRADE WEAPONS, There are 9 weapon types you can choose to lớn eliminate monsters, ghosts & demons, also you can upgrade the weapons lớn make the weapons stronger with high damage.-EQUIPMENT SUPPORT, You can buy medicine kits, coin bonuses, ammunitions and adrenalines.-MANY LEVELS, There are more than 200 levels you can complete.-MANY MONSTER TYPES, There are Demons, Vampires, Sirens, Wraiths, Wendigos, Werewolves, Lamias, Djinns, Witches, White Lady Ghosts, & GhoulsEnjoy the game guys, i made this game for Supernatural Fandom & Family. Thank you.

Categories in common with Supernatural Apocalypse: Action

Platform: Android

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Castiel will accompany you khổng lồ have Supernatural journey through abandoned thành phố, with full of Supernatural cartoon characters in this classic mahjong game.This mahjong game have sầu simple rule, two tiles can be connected if path between them has maximum of two turns. Your target is to clear whole board và you willsee Dean, Sam và Castiel background.Supernatural Mahjong has 18 levels và you are travelling from one to next on maps.When you play this Supernatural Mahjong game you can use three types of help bonuses:- hint: this help bonus will show you one of next possible match,- bomb: this help bonus will blast random pair on board,- reshuffle: this help bonus will reshuffle all tiles on boardFor fast matching you are getting combo points. Total score is for: matches, combos, remaining time and level bonus. Every time you start màn chơi, you see what is your best score for this level. You can play any cấp độ multiple times. If you vị so, your total score is accumulated.Have fun guys... I made this game special for Supernatural Fandom ^_^

Categories in comtháng with Supernatural Mahjong: Card

Platform: Android


4. Supernatural Purgatory

Sam and Dean get trapped on Purgatory again when they try khổng lồ save Castiel who has been dragged into lớn Purgatory by Leviathans. Now they have to kill many monsters khổng lồ get escape from Purgatory. There are Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith, Djinn, Wendigo, Zombie, Lamia, Ghoul, etc. You must help Sam và Dean to find Castiel & save sầu hyên from Purgatory before it is too late.Supernatural Purgatory is horror action game with haông chồng & slash gameplay. There are three characters inside Supernatural Purgatory game, Dean, Sam and Castiel. Castiel will be hidden character, you will get Castiel character when you pass the hidden level. You will get hidden màn chơi, when you pass some secret bản đồ inside normal cấp độ.Game Features:- You can play as Dean, Sam or Castiel (hidden characters).- There are 36 normal levels with different maps và 1 hidden level.- There are 4 worlds you can explore in this game .- Amazing and stunning graphics.- You can buy and upgrade weapons for magics & bombs.- The obstacles will become more difficult for each levels. - There are two bosses that you can defeat.- Fixed Ads Filtering for ChildrenEnjoy the game guys... i made this game special for you all, Supernatural Fans, The Hunters. If you have sầu any critics & suggestions, you can tương tác me at Thank you17730dbd20

Categories in common with Supernatural Purgatory: Action

Platform: Android


5. Supernatural Quiz

If you are a bạn of the TV series "Supernatural", then this game is for you.In the game "Supernatural Quiz" you need khổng lồ open a photo lớn of the anh hùng, and then guess "who is this" and write the correct answer. The fewer openings are made, the greater the reward.The game features characters of all the characters of all thirteen seasons.In the meantime, the fourteenth season of this series is coming out and this is another reason to lớn download this game, because it will help rethành viên all previous seasons.The game has 40 levels. New levels will be added every Sunday.If the màn chơi has turned out to lớn be difficult for you, this is not a problem. The game has tweaks that will help you khổng lồ go even the hardest màn chơi.You have sầu hints as credit to get clues even answer the question.Every you pass the cấp độ, you will get more coins.Fortunately, if you laông xã of coins, you can get another by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or VK.Thank you for downloading và hope this game will bring you a lot of fun.Developer: Zhekun Inc.

Categories in common with Supernatural Quiz: Puzzle

Platform: Android

Two experts in supernatural again embarked on a dangerous adventure! At this time they have lớn explore & eliminate the house of the crazy late professor who conducted experiments on human và ghosts. But they need an assistant now!And that you are well suited for this job!Install application và includes a deal!ATTENTION! In the miễn phí version available only 5 first levels. Other levels available only in the full version.

Categories in common with Supernatural Rooms: Puzzle

Platform: iOS | Android

7. Supernatural - Hunters

Hunters is a Supernatural Fanfiction Text-Based Adventure Game. During your adventures you have to decide what khổng lồ vì và what to say. The story adapts to lớn the choices you make & every decision can influence the over of the story.Please bear in mind:The game is still in development which includes:Save sầu - Load systemBattle EffectsFont Size OptimisationThe Hour, Compass and Map System.The Battle System (Different enemies & attaông xã mechanism.)

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