Goku vs majin buu battle

Everything has to lớn come to lớn an end eventually, but video games và Dragon Ball have something in common: an almost inspiring amount of persistence. Like most modern RPGs, rồng Ball Z: Kakarot has a post-game with plenty to vì after beating the story, but… it leaves quite a lot khổng lồ be desired. Some of the time!

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At its best, Kakarot’s endgame nội dung really shines a spotlight on why the trò chơi works as well as it does: it’s a genuine love letter lớn Dragon Ball Z that actually understands the material it’s adapting. At its worst, it’s a shallow RPG that’s barely any better than Xenoverse with post-game nội dung just as depthless.

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Updated June 27, 2021 by Renan Fontes: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was not the trò chơi audiences everywhere were expecting, but it"s managed khổng lồ hold a surprising amount of longevity for what"s otherwise a fairly sloppy kích hoạt RPG. For all of Kakarot"s faults, the post-game has only grown since release. Three DLC packs have been released that adapt Battle of Gods, Resurrection F, & The History of Trunks respectively. DBZ:K may not have had a ludicrous launch, but the game undeniably has legs. 


When all else fails, most RPGs allow players to bởi one thing after beating the game: nguồn grind. Màn chơi grinding lớn max màn chơi has been a pastime for many a generation. And seldom is it ever productive! But it’s a way of getting value out of a game– something most of us have to spend our hard earned money on. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more out of a game by any means necessary.

Kakarot at least makes it easy since enemies on the overworld can just be crashed into for EXP. Plus, there’s actually a reason lớn power grind here. Villainous Enemies are in abundance and there are a few super bosses waiting at the very, very over of the game.


Kakarot does Trunks dirty. Despite being one of the Cell arc’s central characters, he’s barely playable and most of his story nội dung it cut. Bizarrely, but perhaps as a direct result of how little Trunks features in a story he kicks off, players can actually re-recruit Future Trunks back into their tiệc ngọt after beating the game.

Simply head lớn Capsule Corp. Và Trunks will be hanging out with his Time Machine. He’ll then join the party, but he likely won’t be able lớn compete with endgame Goku, Gohan, or Vegeta. Fortunately, Trunks now has his own DLC that expands on his lackluster role from the main plot.


Anyone who’s read or watched dragon Ball has at some point wanted to go on their very own hunt for the rồng Balls. And why wouldn’t they? Adventure with the promise of a wish? You’d be a fool not lớn want that. Thankfully, Kakarot offers fans the opportunity lớn collect the rồng Balls themselves– and quite often at that!

Not only does Kakarot recharge the long Balls every đôi mươi minutes whenever they’re active, the Buu saga starts allowing players to lớn get 3 wishes per summoning. This makes knocking out all the wishes and unlocking all the revival rematches a breeze. Seriously, considering saving dragon Ball collecting for the end of the game.


long Ball Z: Kakarot has a lot of sub stories, and they’re not all that fun. In fact, most are pretty mediocre và really only offer the bare minimum in regards to side content.

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For a game that so painstakingly recreates long Ball’s most iconic moments, it doesn’t care much for everything surrounding it. At the same time, it’s something to do.


Although the Z-Encyclopedia takes some liberties with the series’ lore and canon, Kakarot is its own beast & should be treated as such. At the same time, the Z-Encyclopedia really is a fantastic way of taking in the world of rồng Ball– weird changes & all. Better yet, actually filling out the Z-Encyclopedia nets rewards, whether they be tangible or just more information.

If dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a long Ball museum, the Z-Encyclopedia is its dense, subscriber"s program. It really doesn’t get at the depth of the series, but it’s a fantastic addition that’ll be sure khổng lồ get new fans immediately interested in the world of dragon Ball.

Super Attacks are ultimately at the heart of the combat. Without the right Super Attacks, fights just don’t come together. The basic melee and Ki combos don’t suffice in a full on fight. Thankfully, Ki is very easy lớn charge khổng lồ full so Super Attacks are always viable. They do have khổng lồ be unlocked though.

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By the time you beat the game, you should have more than enough D-Medals lớn unlock every single Super Attack for every single character. Not just that, the Z-Orbs necessary to lớn get through everyone’s skill trees. Kakarot is easy for the most part, but this pays off once tackling the game’s super bosses.

Unless you diligently play through every single Intermission, your buổi tiệc ngọt won’t be strong enough to handle most Villainous Enemies that pop up over the course of the natural story. You"ll likely need to lớn take them on in the post-game. It’s a shame since this means Villainous Enemies never really kết thúc up part of the core gameplay loop, but it at least gives us something to vì after beating Buu.

For what it’s worth, there’s actually real incentive to lớn defeating every Villainous Enemy. Beating all of them allows you to access the real meat of the post-game: the super bosses. Once they’re all defeated, Towa and Mira from dragon Ball Xenoverse will show up with some friends in tow.

At the moment, it seems that dragon Ball operates with three core continuities in mind: the main story which has its own issues with canon; Heroes which runs wild with whatever it can; and Xenoverse, a video clip game duology that shares some concepts with Heroes but mainly centers itself on twisting the main series’ timeline.

With Towa và Mira appearing after defeating every Villainous Enemy, it seems as though the Xenoverse continuity is more of an overarching video clip game continuity. App android 21’s appearance earlier in the game can even suggest that FighterZ is a part of this.

Mira’s not the only super boss awaiting the dragon Team at the over of Kakarot. Possessed by Towa ala Xenoverse, players are tasked with fighting the two strongest fused fighters in the original series: Gotenks và Vegito. It’s genuinely one of the hardest fights in the game, if not outright the hardest, so be prepared khổng lồ put in some real effort.

It helps khổng lồ take out Gotenks before Vegito. The latter is more dangerous near-death & better handled mano-a-mano. Gotenks is also a bit more aggressive and the more obnoxious of the two fighters. Taking him out asap leads lớn a much smoother second half.

One of Kakarot"s greatest flaws at release was the mere fact that there wasn"t much to vị in terms of the post-game. Not just that, the story didn"t even adapt all of the Z-era, cutting off before the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai. This left a narrative void that resulted in the main game cutting off at an awkward point. This has since been mitigated by three DLC Packs.

The first two expansion packs ảo diệu one story arc called A New power nguồn Awakens – an adaption of both Battle of Gods và Resurrection F. While not quite the same as adapting Uub or getting to lớn Super"s plotline, A New power Awakens expands Goku & Vegeta"s arc following the Majin Buu saga while unlocking brand new Super Saiyan God forms (along with new boss khủng fights against Beerus and Golden Frieza).

The fact Kakarot"s first two expansion packs adapted Battle of Gods and Resurrection F gave fans hope that the story would cover most of Super through DLC. It"s important khổng lồ keep in mind that these two films were released under the DBZ brand originally, not Super. The third DLC ended up being an adaptation of the Trunks TV Special, complete with a playable Future Gohan.

Interestingly, The Warrior of Hope actually adapts events after the sự kiện of the TV Special. The last stretch of the DLC is dedicated to lớn Trunks" version of the Majin Buu arc (an even only seen in rồng Ball Super). Judging by the DLC order, it"s possible the 4th pack will be the Universe 6 Tournament, allowing a potential Kakarot 2 lớn start with the Goku đen arc.

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