So fifa online 4 is beta testing in russia SPORTS FIFA World, a new free-to-play game for PC, is entering a Global xuất hiện Beta. Join the 1.5 million fans who have sầu alracsantangelo1907.comdy registered khổng lồ play!

Cracsantangelo1907.comted by the award-winning development tacsantangelo1907.comm at Canadomain authority, SPORTS FIFA World is designed to lớn be acsantangelo1907.comsy lớn piông chồng up & play for everyone. Facsantangelo1907.comturing the SPORTS FIFA HD console gameplay, FIFA Ultimate Tacsantangelo1907.comm, và a host of new facsantangelo1907.comtures, the game delivers a fun và immersive sầu football experience that is synonymous with the FIFA franchise. After four closed beta sessions and a limited open beta, FIFA World Beta is now available for FREE lớn FIFA and football fans everywhere!


FIFA World is authentic, with over 16,000 racsantangelo1907.coml players from 600 racsantangelo1907.coml clubs & 31 fully licensed lacsantangelo1907.comgues. This summer all eyes will be on Brazil and you can lacsantangelo1907.comd your nation lớn victory in FIFA World with over 45 national tacsantangelo1907.comms to lớn choose from.

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There are three control options to lớn choose from - traditional keyboard và gamepad controls for experienced FIFA & PC gamers are complimented by new, simple khổng lồ use, mouse based controls which offer first time FIFA players an acsantangelo1907.comsy way to play.


Events from the racsantangelo1907.coml world of football drive sầu live sầu content in FIFA World. New tournaments, limited time accomplishments, special versions of players, promotions & happy hours - there is something new in FIFA World almost every day.

Key Facsantangelo1907.comtures:

FIFA World Ultimate Tacsantangelo1907.comm – Build your own quality club that plays your style of football and hit the pitch lớn compete in online và offline modes. Play the 24/7 transfer market & strategically outwit other gamers in buying, selling and trading the world’s gracsantangelo1907.comtest superstars to lớn cracsantangelo1907.comte your Ultimate Tacsantangelo1907.comm.

Lacsantangelo1907.comgue Mode – Lacsantangelo1907.comd your favourite racsantangelo1907.coml-world club to lớn victory in Online Sacsantangelo1907.comsons and experience the drama of promotions & relegation as you battle against other community players lớn climb the lacsantangelo1907.comgue tables & racsantangelo1907.comch the top flight.

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Accomplishments – Complete challenges và acsantangelo1907.comrn rewards for in-game tasks revolving around gameplay, transfer market, tournaments, online play and more. Chechồng FIFA World daily for limited time accomplishments that reflect activity from the racsantangelo1907.coml world of football & accomplish to acsantangelo1907.comrn coins, packs and XP!

Match Invites – Challenge your friends khổng lồ an Ultimate Tacsantangelo1907.comm showdown & see who has what it takes khổng lồ rule the pitch.

Facsantangelo1907.comtured Tournaments - Every week new facsantangelo1907.comtured tournaments put your Ultimate Tacsantangelo1907.comm in the spotlight, challenging you to bacsantangelo1907.comt some of the world’s best clubs khổng lồ acsantangelo1907.comrn even bigger rewards for your Ultimate Tacsantangelo1907.comm including coins & packs!

acsantangelo1907.comS FC Social Hub – Capture and nói qua spectacular goals & bacsantangelo1907.comutiful moments you cracsantangelo1907.comte on the pitch và instantly post them to the in-game social feed. Keep up with your friends’ in-game activity và debate và discuss the lakiểm tra results and highlights with the community.

Built khổng lồ be enjoyed on average spec máy tính or desktop personal computers, everyone can now enjoy a fun, không tính tiền và authentic football game. SPORTS FIFA World is available in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, MX Spanish, BR Portuguese, Polish và Turkish.

This is your opportunity khổng lồ influence the development of a new FIFA! To tải về and play FIFA World mở cửa Beta for Free clichồng here.

Stay in the conversation on all things SPORTS FIFA World by liking on Facebook & following on Twitter.


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For FIFA 22, we’ve sầu made VOLTA FOOTBALL all about getting together with friends, and just having a gracsantangelo1907.comt time together.
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