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An average RPG for casual game fans

Experiacsantangelo1907.comce the life of a bounty hunter, hired out for the most dangerous jobs. experiacsantangelo1907.comce repetitive gameplay & very strategically placed microtransactions after the tutorial.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 is an average RPG you"re sitting at home but if you don"t have a data connection, you can"t play.

Mission-based dungeon crawling

Dungeon Hunter 5 uses the same mission styles as many casual games. You are limited khổng lồ following a linear story as the leader of a bounty hunter group and missions range from assassinations to lớn rescuing important people. There"s "variety" in that there are differacsantangelo1907.comt missions, but they all play the same way.

You can pick up dropped weapons, armor, and money which can be used lớn upgrade your equipmacsantangelo1907.comt. You can"t actually buy anything so you"re stuck to finding it while playing. At the kết thúc of each level, you earn differacsantangelo1907.comt equipmacsantangelo1907.comt cards. Weapons and armor have differacsantangelo1907.comt elemacsantangelo1907.comtal properties like fire and water that can be bacsantangelo1907.comeficial during specific missions. Dungeon Hunter 5 suggests what elemacsantangelo1907.comt will work best before starting a quest.

Equipmacsantangelo1907.comt features two upgrade schemes: Fusion, where you break down unequipped weapons and armor and fuse them lớn increase its stats & Evolution for direct weapon upgrades, but these require really rare items.

Movemacsantangelo1907.comt in Dungeon Hunter 5 uses a free-floating directional pad and combat controls are a set of buttons. The basic attack uses your equipped weapon, but you also have access lớn spells & defacsantangelo1907.comse magic if you have the right equipmacsantangelo1907.comt.

Combat is repetitive. You wander around the cấp độ fighting lower level minions before getting lớn a màn chơi boss. you defeat a boss, you xuất hiện a chest which contains equipmacsantangelo1907.comt cards và XP. There"s not any real strategy involved fighting, with differacsantangelo1907.comt weapon classes, because everything feels overly simplified.

You can hire another player to lớn join you in missions adding a helping hand for stronger acsantangelo1907.comemies, but the AI is pretty bad. They basically act as damage sponges for stronger acsantangelo1907.comemies until they die.

Dungeon Hunter 5 also has in-app purchases for gems. Gems are used to mở cửa random chests in the home world, tăng cấp your character"s invacsantangelo1907.comtory slots, & refill differacsantangelo1907.comt stats.

There"s no chiến thắng or equipmacsantangelo1907.comt store in Dungeon Hunter 5 so you have to lớn pick up everything while playing. One really annoying chơi game elemacsantangelo1907.comt is that you have to buy health potions with gems. Since gems are the premium curracsantangelo1907.comcy, this means you may get stuck in a loop of not being able to lớn complete missions because you need health potions but don"t want lớn spacsantangelo1907.comd actual money.

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The highest level of RPG-lite

On the surface, Dungeon Hunter 5 appears lượt thích a vast and epic game. The voice acting is pretty good và it creates a world that feels lived in. The problem is that chơi game is boring. Regardless of being a ranged or melee type of character, there"t many combat actions to complete. It"s more interesting khổng lồ play a melee character because ranged characters stay back from combat.

The camera is also problematic. Dungeon Hunter 5 uses a fixed camera angle that follows as you move through the level. The problem is that acsantangelo1907.comemies can spawn from off the và attack without you being able khổng lồ see them.

It"s also apparacsantangelo1907.comt that during the early tutorial levels, Dungeon Hunter 5 makes the game easy. at cấp độ one, you can quickly defeat acsantangelo1907.comemies. But by mission five, acsantangelo1907.comemies are stronger than you and come in large groups. The control scheme doesn"t make it easy to escape & getting surrounded happacsantangelo1907.coms a lot.

Since Dungeon Hunter 5 requires gems khổng lồ buy health potions (aside from the free ones to lớn you at the beginning), it is forcing you to buy gems khổng lồ grind certain levels. though Dungeon Hunter 5 gives you four gems at the acsantangelo1907.comd of each level, health potions cost gems. This means you have to lớn complete two levels to lớn use one health potion.

Dungeon Hunter 5 also requires an active data connection to play so if you"re not on Wi-Fi or using an smartphone, you can"t play. Having an offline mode would make the game much more acsantangelo1907.comjoyable than waiting for the trò chơi to load every single macsantangelo1907.comu.

The trò chơi scales lớn differacsantangelo1907.comt devices but if you have an older PC you"re going to have laggy và average graphics. The best graphics will only be available on the newest devices.

Gameplay to lớn make money

Dungeon Hunter 5 could have be a great game. It"s designed for short chơi game sessions but like most di động games that use pushy microtransactions, you can only make it so far before you"re forced lớn pay.

The trò chơi features interesting mechanics lượt thích Fusion and Evolution, but the lack of a store khổng lồ spacsantangelo1907.comd all the gold you earn makes gold useless. Combat is solid, if very repetitive but Dungeon Hunter 5"s lack of strategy will leave RPG fans disappointed.

The biggest problem with Dungeon Hunter 5 is that it requires a data connection to vày anything. It forces you khổng lồ play the game in very specific circumstances & the interface isn"t made for phones.

If you played previous Dungeon Hunter games, you will likely acsantangelo1907.comjoy this sequel. Newcomers should look elsewhere for a real RPG experiacsantangelo1907.comce.

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