Soạn mĩ thuật lớp 8 bài 9: vẽ tranh

Chia động từ là 1 kỹ năng đặc trưng vào tiếng Anh, phân tách đụng trường đoản cú sai sẽ khiến cho cả câu bị sai, do vậy, kề bên bài toán học lý thuyết, những em rất cần được thực hành những bài bác tập phân chia đụng tự giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 8 nhiều để cố gắng dĩ nhiên kiến thức ngữ pháp môn tiếng Anh.Biết giải pháp phân chia rượu cồn trường đoản cú trong giờ Anh xuất sắc sẽ giúp đỡ những em có được nền tảng gốc rễ để học tập giỏi phần ngữ pháp phức tạp sau này, do vậy, bài xích tập chia cồn từ Tiếng Anh lớp 8 sẽ là 1 trong những văn bản ôn tập quan trọng giành cho những em.

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Bài tập phân chia đụng từ giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 8

I. Chia đụng trường đoản cú vào ngoặc mang đến đúng thì (Give sầu correct tenses of the verbs)1. Mary (be) ____________________ seriously ill since last night.2. They sometimes (go) ____________________ school by bus.
3. How long __________ you (study) __________ English?- I (study) ____________________ it for 7 years.4. We last (see) _____________ them last Sunday.5. I (not meet) ____________________ him since he moved to lớn Hanoi.6. Now they (play) ____________________ happily in the school yard.7. We (not finish) ____________________ our exercises yet.8. My frikết thúc said he (be) __________ working in Hanoi then.9. Mr. David (just buy) ____________________ a new house.10. They (build) ____________________ a new hospital in my neighborhood next month.11. It (not rain) ____________________ since the beginning of this month.12. Lan asked me if I (like) __________ pop music.13. We (begin) ____________ to lớn learn English three years ago. Now we (learn) __________________ for 3 years.14. __________ you ever (be) __________ to lớn Ho Chi Minh City?15. The telephone (ring) __________ when we (watch) ___________ television last night.
16. Mrs Hoa (teach) _________ English in this school since she (leave) ______ the university.17. Look! That oto (run) _________________ very fast.18. The Browns (have) ____________________ dinner at the moment.19. He (live) ____________________ in Hanoi for 20 years.đôi mươi. Alexander Gramê mẩn Bell (invent) _____________ the telephone many years ago.21. She (be) __________ very ill now. She (not go) ____________ to school since Monday.22. + __________ you (be) __________ to lớn Phong Nha before?+ Yes. I (spend) _____________ my holiday there last summer.23. I must go now. I (phone) ________ you when I (arrive) ______________ there.24. When I last (see) __________ them, they ( work) ___________ in a factory in Hanoi.25. Ba"s teacher (give) __________ him a lot of homework last week.26. Tom hopes he (meet) __________ many interesting people when he goes to lớn Hanoi next month.27. Mai and her friends (walk) ____________________ to lớn school now.28. They (go) __________ to Sao Mai Movie Theater last night.29. She (not see) ____________________ that film before.30. My mother was waiting for me when I (come) ______________ home.31. Ann & Susan (cook) _____________________ dinner when Martin arrived home.

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32. The light (go) ______________ out while we were having dinner.33. + What __________ you (do) ______________ at this time yesterday?+ I (play) _____________________ games on the computer.34. Tom! Turn off the TV. You (always watch) ____________________ TV.35. Lan often (do) __________ her homework carefully.36. This is the first time Hoa (meet) ____________________ Tim"s family.37. They said they (go) ____________________ lớn Hanoi the following day.38. Yesterday (be) __________ a beautiful day. The Sun (shine) ____________________ brightly when we (leave) ______________ home.39. The teacher asked me if I (know) __________ where the Statue of Liberty was.40. Listen! Mai (play) ____________________ the piano in her room.41. + What kind of music ____________ you (like) __________ ?+ I like pop music.42. In summer, the Sun usually (shine) __________________ brightly.43. I (not finish) _______________________ reading the novel you lent me yet.44. Julia (write) ________________________ an tin nhắn to lớn her boy friend now.45. Jachồng (not meet) _______________________ Tom the last time he came khổng lồ America.II. Cho dạng đúng của cồn trường đoản cú vào ngoặc. ( Give the correct verb forms )1. Would you mind (open) ______________ the windows. It"s so dark inside.2. Do you mind (wait ) ______________ a moment?3. Do you mind if I (smoke) ______________ here?4. Would you mind if I (use) ______________ your handphone?5. The boy (read) ______________ a book is Ba.6. The old lamp (make) ______________ in Đài Loan Trung Quốc is five dollars.
7. The window (break) ______________ last night has been repaired.8. Do you know the man (talk) ______________ lớn Tom?9. The man (sit) ______________ next to lớn me was very nervous.10. He suggested (travel) ______________ around the town by xe đạp.11. She has a lot of books (write) ______________ in English.12. She is interested in (listen) __________________ to pop music.13. We used to lớn (take) ______________ a bus to lớn school when we were young.14. It"s expensive sầu ( travel) _______________ lớn Nha Trang by plane. Would you mind (go) __________ by train?15. Do you mind (show) ______________ me the way lớn the post-office?16. Would you mind if I (use) ______________ your pen?17. Do you mind if I (play) ______________ your guitar?18. Would you mind (turn) ______________ off the television?19. Do you mind (tell) ______________ me how khổng lồ write a book report?trăng tròn. Would you mind if I (bring) ______________ these flowers home?21. Do you mind if I (fix) ______________ this broken chair for you ?22. Would you mind (make) ______________ a birthday cake?23. My brother is good at ______________ (fix) things.24. May I ______________ (go) out now , Mom?25. I want (come) ______________with my mother.26.The doctor advised me(not smoke) ______________ cigarettes.27. The boys stopped (play) ______________ football because of the rain.28. Mai"s mother told Mai (correct) ______________ the mistakes in her dictation.29. Would you like (listen) ______________ to some music?30. Nam enjoys ( play) ______________ soccer after school.31. Lan asked me (go) ______________ khổng lồ the supermarket.32. I think you should (do) ______________ morning exercises regularly.33. They used (go) ______________ to lớn work by train.34. Don’t let children (play) ______________ with matches.35. You ought khổng lồ (do) ______________ the homework yourself.36. My father stopped (smoke) ______________ five years ago.37. Mai doesn"t have sầu enough money (buy) ______________ a new bicycle.

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38. I need (buy) ______________ some notebook.39. My teacher said I should (spend) ______________ more time on my English.40. Mr Hung told me (tell) ______________ hlặng the truth.41. Nga likes ( play) ______________ badminton.42. They asked their children ( stay) ______________ at trang chủ.43. Nam must (do) ______________ the homework himself.44. My mother decided ( buy) ______________ a house last week.45. I"d like (buy) ______________ some eggs.46. The woman (sit) ______________ between Mrs. Hoa & Mrs. Ha is my mother.47. I enjoy (play) ______________ soccer after school.48. The doctor advised me (not smoke) ______________ cigarettes.49. Would you lượt thích ( take) ______________ a photo?50. It is interesting ( study) _____________ English.

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