How to get your game featured on google play


If you’re a developer, you must have sầu thought about how great it would be khổng lồ get your game featured on Google Play. It is something that can get your game so much more visibility và new players. Plus, it would help with your overall điện thoại game sale efforts.

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But how vì you vì it?

Is there some secret formula, a way khổng lồ beat the algorithm or a direct line lớn Google Play editors?

Well, not really.

Notoàn thân can guarantee your game will get featured on Google Play. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to lớn significantly increase those chances. In this article, I’m going to explain all of them.


3. Enhance User Experience và User Interface

It’s no secret Google Play favors games that are not only Android friendly but provide users with a great experience. If you analyze featured games, you’ll notice all have a perfect user interface & remarkable user experience

You can bet that Google Play won’t feature a game that doesn’t meet those standards. That’s why you need to lớn spend some time on UX and UI. Pay special attention to lớn frustrating issues such as bugs, crashes, or lags. 

To make sure your UI and UX are on par with other top-notch Android games, review this guide & this list.

You should also check out Google Play chất lượng standards. There you will find the best practices for improving user experience & user interface of your điện thoại game.

4. Do Extensive Research on Your Competitors

Another thing you should bởi is study all the games that are featured on Google Play right now. Okay, maybe not all games, but make sure to check out the top charts.

Download & play a couple of them to see what makes them stand out. Is there something featured games have sầu in common?

Analyze how those games are designed. Inspect how good the user interface is. Is the gameplay extra nice? Also, find out how much revenue the featured games are making. How many installs they got? What about the ratings?

Analyzing each game in this fashion can give you valuable insights inkhổng lồ what it takes to lớn get your game featured on Google Play.

For example, at the moment, The Trail is a game that’s featured on Google Play editor’s các mục. It has more than 5 million installs và a 4.2 rating. The graphics are beautiful, & the game is well designed. Plus, the gameplay is very unique và engaging.

Even though there is no magic formula to get your game featured on Google Play, the information you collect on your competitors will point you in the right direction.

5. Don’t Forget About ASO

As you might expect, ASO is another key factor in getting your game featured on Google Play. So take some time with it and make sure your ứng dụng store optimization is on point. Also, keep in mind that App Store & Google Play have sầu different standards. That means you shouldn’t optimize both ứng dụng stores in the same way.

Quiông xã ASO Checkmenu for Google Play

Include relevant keywords in your game title, short mô tả tìm kiếm, long mô tả tìm kiếm and URLUse long-tail keywords – they have sầu less competitionIndex your gameTo get a certain từ khóa indexed by Google Play, it needs to be found 2 khổng lồ 5 times in the mô tả tìm kiếm và once in the titleStvà out with phầm mềm icons, screenshots, and videosLocalize your gameEncourage users khổng lồ rate & reviews your game

If you need a more in-depth ASO guide, check out our Complete Guide to lớn App Store Optimization.

6. Localize Your Game

Google Play is available in 190 countries and used by 2 billion users across the globe. A lot of those people liken lớn tìm kiếm the Google Play store in their native sầu languages. That means you can’t focus solely on English-speaking users from the West. You also need to lớn take other countries và cultures into consideration.

This is where localization comes in.

If you translate & optimize your Smartphone game for other countries và languages, you will make it much more accessible. Localization also has the power to lớn boost your game’s Google Play ranking và drive sầu game installs. Plus, you’ll have a better chance to get your game featured on Google Play.

A big part of localization are your listing’s text features. This includes từ khoá, descriptions, và titles. However, localizing visuals is equally important. You should pay special attention that your visuals match the cultural preferences of people in the region.

To see Google’s localization guide, cliông chồng here.

7. Get review và Ratings for Your Game

If you look at the các mục of top Google Play games, it’s safe khổng lồ assume that Reviews và ratings play a big role in getting featured. Both are important because they’re a direct reflection of user satisfaction. Plus, it’s a signal khổng lồ other users that helps them determine whether to try the game or not.

72% of the apps on Google Play have sầu ratings. What’s even more important is that more than một nửa of featured games have at least 4.5 rating. Usually, featured games have more than 50,000 downloads.

So make sure lớn encourage users khổng lồ Đánh Giá and rate your di động game.

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However, not all nhận xét và ratings are positive sầu. 

Generally, bad ratings will chase away both users và Google from featuring your game. 

Luckily, there are some techniques you can use for improving game ratings và reviews.

The first thing you should consider is when in the game you should try lớn get a Review. Asking for a review after they accomplish something in the game might encourage positive sầu feedbaông xã. 

Another thing you should do is respond lớn all Đánh Giá, good & bad. According to Appradar, the developers that vị this get a +0.7 star increase in their ratings. 

The third thing you can vì for improving your rating are regular game updates. This shows you actually listen to the users’ comments và suggestions. Not only that but it triggers Google Play to lớn improve sầu your ranking, as it gives more weight khổng lồ the most recent & improved game versions than the previous ones. 

8. Promote Your thiết bị di động trò chơi & Get More Users

Many developers out there still think, “If I just make a high-chất lượng sản phẩm điện thoại game, it will eventually become successful.” I’m sorry lớn disappoint you, but that’s far from the truth.

You can make the most perfect game, but if you don’t promote it, there’s little chance it will become popular. That’s just the reality of the thiết bị di động game industry.

So instead of resisting, embrace different mobile game sale strategies. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to promote your điện thoại game.

If you’re an indie developer, you might want khổng lồ check out our guide on indie Smartphone game kinh doanh. If you’re into unconventional methods, kiểm tra out our di động game guerilla sale tips.

In order khổng lồ get your game featured on Google Play, having a lot of users helps. So focus on paid user acquisition strategies as well. That means running paid for your game on social networks lượt thích Facebook và Instagram, và ad networks lượt thích Google, Applovin, ironSource, etc. When the number of installs increases, that signifies to Google that gamers lượt thích your game, & there’s a good chance you’ll get in on some of the lists.

9. Keep the Users After Installing the Game

After you’ve sầu managed lớn successfully get new users khổng lồ install your game you’ll also need lớn keep as many newly acquired users. This is because user engagement also plays a role in getting featured on Google Play. Luckily, this shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve sầu followed all the previous steps we’ve listed.

Additionally, you can work on keeping players engaged by adding new content regularly, updating the game, offering rewards for coming baông xã, etc.

You can also use push notifications khổng lồ bring back lapsed players. However, make sure not khổng lồ be too pushy, otherwise, you might get the opposite effect.

10. Keep Your Game Up-to-Date

You should frequently update your game, & here’s why.

Both Google Play and users prefer apps that are commonly updated.

This shows them you’re paying attention to your users’ problems & providing them with solutions.

Besides solving problems, you can seasonally update your game. For example, on holidays lượt thích Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Thanksgiving.

The thing is, over the last few years, the Google Play store editors have sầu been trying to make the app store more curated. For this reason, they are featuring apps and games in special lists for different holidays and seasons. If your game makes it lớn these lists, your game will get extra attention. Being on these lists is an especially big khuyễn mãi giảm giá because it feels like a recommendation from Google.

Naturally, you should only apply these changes if they make sense for your game & fit your branding.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Your trò chơi Featured on Google Play

I’m not going lớn lie lớn you & say that it’s easy to lớn get your game featured on Google Play. However, it’s not impossible. If you create a high-quality game và apply these tips, you’ll have sầu a pretty good chance of ending up on these important Google Play lists.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get down khổng lồ business!

If you liked this guide, make sure khổng lồ leave sầu a phản hồi. If you have sầu any questions about how to get your game featured on Google Play, feel không tính tiền lớn tương tác us!

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