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Great game. I like all the building options and the variety they have. It takes time for things, so at least you can"t just finish the game too quickly. I wish the upgrading times were a little shorter, but it is still fun to battle defenses and set up your clan however you want. It does get harder as you go, but the relative concept remains the same. I didn"t quote appreciate how they removed some of the buildings we spent a long time upgrading, but the game is still good to play.

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Truly a fun and addictive game but, it could be better. The only examples are when your collectng gold and elixir from collectors and the pass, the excess should go to the treasurey so you can actually collect gold and elixir and at least turn down the time when you edit your village my friends want to challenge me but I"m unable to do this because of the super long timer.

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Also add a feature where you can choose which material you take from your treasurey it"s annoying to have to get all things

Run Clash of Clans on PCClash of Clans is identified as a strategy game that Supercell has developed and is a free-to-play game. Here a village has to be built by the players, and several epic clan wars must be engaged and played by the players. The main goal of this game is to develop our own clan and contribute to it by battling, working together, defending, and collecting resources.Fight with Strategy and Build up the ClanClash of Clans players have to fight as a team against millions of global players who are active within the game. We as players have to test our skills and do it, and we will be provided with leagues as well as battles to deal with continuously. So many competitive players will do their best from around the globe. And the one who does the best will have the highest rank from the leaderboard.The clan that the player owns in Clash of Clans can be built by collecting resources, and they can also steal some loot from other available players. The clan we build here must be defended against the attacks of enemies, and the game will provide us with traps, cannons, walls, and bombs to do this better. acsantangelo1907.com 9 will provide you with the best features for soothing battles and fighting.Epic Heroes to UtilizeThe game will allow you to unlock so many epic heroes, and the PVP battles can only be succeeded with the right hero selected. The heroes like Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Royal Champion and more are waiting for you until you do your best at the battles.

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