Cát bà national park


While not being a dynamic tourism hub, Cat Ba Isl& is still a great attraction for both domestic and international travelers with chất lượng characteristics: staggering limestone mountains, lush mangrove forests, and untouched sandy beaches. What’s more, there is no shortage of interesting things to lớn bởi vì on the isl& that you should try.

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12 Best Things to Do in Cat Ba Isl& (Vietnam)

1. Explore Cat Ba National Park

15km from Cat Ba Town to the northwest, Cat Ba National Park covers almost half of the isl&. The park is regarded as one of the most famous tourist attractions in Cat Ba Island, comprising a variety of stunning landscapes & marine ecosystems. To be found there are enormous tropical rain forests, freshwater lakes, secluded sandy beaches, coral reefs, & an abundance of rare species.

To enter the park, you need khổng lồ buy an entrance ticket of 50.000 VND/person at the main gate. There are a couple of things to vì in Cat Ba National Park. Amongst those, you’re highly recommended to take a short hike to the top of Ngu Lam Mountain for a panoramic islvà view.

From Cat Ba Town, it is easy to rent a oto, a motorbike or even a bicycle from your hotel to lớn get to lớn Cat Ba National Park. A motorbike rental fee is priced at around 100.000 VND & you need to lớn fuel the vehicle yourself.

If you travel from Halong Bay, get on a boat or Tuan Chau ferry khổng lồ Gia Luan Harbor and from there take a xe taxi to lớn the Cat Ba National Park (about 10km).

2. Visit caves

2. Visit caves Hospital Cave Entrance

Caves in Cat Ba Island are renowned for primitive sầu beauty và multi-shaped stalactites and stalagmites. Some of the most famous names are Hospital Cave sầu, Trung Trang Cave, Hoa Cuong Cave sầu, and Phu Luong Cave.

If you’re in Cat Ba National Park already, don’t skip a chance khổng lồ explore the 300-hectare Trung Trang Cave sầu, one of the largest caves on the islvà. The cave sầu houses a number of stalactites in various shapes, more than a dozen of standing stones, và dense forest.

Alternatively, history buffs are advised khổng lồ visit Hospital Cave, a bomb-proof hospital built inside a cave sầu during the Vietphái nam War. The cave is located about 13km from Cat Ba Town Center and it takes a short drive sầu to the cave. The cost is around 200.000 VND/round trip. The cave entrance fee is 15.000 VND/person.

3. Bike ride around Viet Hai Village

Located in the center of Cat Ba National Park, Viet Hai Village is the largest floating village in Viet Nam. The village attracts throngs of tourists for its pristine landscapes & friendly locals. The best way khổng lồ explore Viet Hai Village is taking a xe đạp ride around the village to see floating houseboats, spectacular surroundings, và know more about the peaceful life of people there.

From Cat Ba Town, you can rent a private boat in Cai Beo Port or a 45-minute boat (40.000 VND/person) khổng lồ reach the village. If you are in Cat Ba National Park, you can join a 6-km trekking tour through jungles, valley, and Ao Ech area to lớn Viet Hai Village. The hard trek requires endurance and several gears such as shoes and insect repellent.

The best time lớn visit Viet Hai Village is from April to lớn September with the sunny and favorable weather conditions.

4. Visit Cai Beo floating village

4. Visit Cai Beo floating village Cai Beo floating village from above: A must visit if you want to lớn see the real local life!

Cai Beo Fishing Village is only 2 km from Cat Ba Town, in the proximity of Ben Beo Port (a 10-minute drive). You can easily get there by xe taxi or a motorbike. Upon arrival, options available to lớn explore the village are renting a small fishing boat or kayaking.

Established in the early 19th century, Cai Beo boats Vietnam’s oldest ancient village, which is home to lớn about 300 floating houses và 600 inhabitants. Local people here are very hospitable and hardworking. They mostly make a living by fishing and raising fish. Apart from a rich history và friendly locals, Cai Beo floating village appeals to lớn visitors for picturesque sceneries và rustic ambiance.

5. Admire sunmix at Cannon Fort

5. Admire sunmix at Cannon Fort Cannon Fort: One of the most popular attractions in Cat Ba Isl&

Perched atop a hill, Canon Fort, another name of High Point 177, is the most famous historic relic of Cat Ba Isl&. The site was built in the 20th century & consists of a battle of two big guns và a tunnel system.

177 meters high above the sea, Canon Fort is the best spot khổng lồ admire sweeping views of Cat Ba Islvà, Lan Ha Bay, và especially the sunmix. Only 2 km from Cat Ba Town, you can easily go to lớn the place by motorbike in about 15 minutes.

Opening time: 8:00 AM – 17:00 PM daily

Entrance fee: 40.000 VND/adult và đôi mươi.000 VND/child

Sightseeing by the observatory costs an extra of 5000 VND/person.

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6. See langurs on Monkey Island

6. See langurs on Monkey Island Monkey sitting on tree on Monkey Island!

Monkey Island is located in the Nam Cat area of Lan Ha Bay, only 1km from Cat Ba Town. The tiny 5-km-round islvà is covered by green trees and sandy beaches in the front. However, what attracts visitors the most when visiting Monkey Island is a flock of more than 20 species of monkeys. You can not only come và see those monkeys but also feed them.

Monkey Island is accessible by a 15-minute boat ride from Beo Harbor passing the natural beauty of the island.

7. Visit Lan Ha Bay

7. Visit Lan Ha Bay Lan Ha cất cánh from above!

In the south of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay spreads across an area of more than 7000 ha. Picture-postcard sceneries, limestone grottoes, và crystal clear beaches make Lan Ha Bay a must-visit destination for any tourists lớn Halong Bay area.

Lan Ha Bay is home khổng lồ a lot of famous tourist spots namely Cat Ba Islvà, Tung Gau area, Cat Dua also called Monkey Island, Dark & Bright cave sầu, & Ba Trai Dao Beach. As you reach the cất cánh, you can enjoy a variety of fun-filled activities such as kayaking, swimming, rochồng climbing, and visit floating villages.

From Cat Ba Islvà, you need khổng lồ rent a boat at Ben Beo Port khổng lồ go around Lan Ha Bay. The price is about 300.000 – 500.000 VND/boat for six people.

8. Go rock climbing in Cat Ba Island

8. Go rock climbing in Cat Ba Island Cat Ba isl& as some of the best spots for rochồng climbing in Vietnam!

Rather than ordinary activities, venture lovers will find Lan Ha Bay more appealing with roông xã climbing tours that allow them to conquer some of the hardest crags. You can join this sport at several spots in Halong Bay including Offenheimer’s Creation và Slo Pony Wall at Tiger Beach – the first area lớn develop rock climbing activity, Butterfly Valley, & Ben Beo Wall. All the walls have sầu climbing features such as tufas, pockets, và water-sculpted roông chồng formations. See our detailed guide on rochồng climbing in Halong cất cánh and Cat Ba Islvà.

The entrance fee normally costs US$2.5 (50.000 VND) or is sponsored by Asia Outdoor.

9. Kayak through Dark và Bright Cave

9. Kayak through Dark và Bright Cave Most cruises in Lan Ha Bay offer kayaking service at no extra charge!

Dark & Bright Cave belongs to the bordering area of Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay. This is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay area, featuring a lot of stalactites và stalagmites in various shapes & clear waters. While Dark Cave is long and dark, the Bright Cave is much shorter và brighter. Both create a perfect getaway for any adventure seekers lớn linger.

Seasoned travelers are recommended lớn rent a boat to kayak through the tunnel as well as take a phokhổng lồ hunt around the cave sầu. Alternatively, it is also possible khổng lồ row a bamboo boat.

The cave sầu is accessible all year round. However, the best time khổng lồ visit is in spring và autumn when the sky is clear, full of sunshine, the temperature is mild, & there are fewer rains.

10. Go swimming at Cat Co beach

With an array of secluded and untouched beaches, swimming is a can-not-miss experience when visiting Cat Ba Islvà. Unlượt thích other touristy beach areas, Cat Ba beaches are very clean & quiet. (TIP: If you want to lớn avoid the domestic tourist crowds, September và October are the best months lớn visit.)

Amongst those, 3 Cat Co beaches including Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, & Cat Co are the most attractive sầu lớn beach bums. The beaches are next khổng lồ each other & all have sầu loungers for sunbath, umbrellas, và stalls for drinks. Especially, kayak is available at Cat Co 3 beach with a price of 200.000VND/per hour.

From the center of Cat Ba Town, the beaches are easily reached on foot or by a motorxe đạp xe taxi (around 10.000 VND).

11. Join a diving tour to lớn see coral reefs

11. Join a diving tour lớn see coral reefs Snorkel off the isl& (Photo: Shutterstock)

Visitors who love sầu to discover the marine world are welcome lớn take a dive sầu tour to lớn enjoy various coral reefs in Cat Ba Isl&. The island is best known for red coral reefs that shelter a lot of sea creatures such as pearls, lobsters, and fishes.

You can book the diving tour at the Scucha Diving Center in Monkey Isl& Resort. It costs 1.000.000 VND for a 30-minute scutía diving trip with an instructor. Using a snorkel costs 600.000 VND extra.

12. Explore Cat Ba nightlife

12. Explore Cat Ba nightlife Rowdy and diverse nightlife in Cat Ba island

Cat Ba nightlife is more tranquil & decent compared to other vibrant destinations. However, you can still get wonderful experience as Cat Ba Island is full of local specialties & exotic things khổng lồ try at night. Don’t miss a chance khổng lồ savor Hai Phong’s rice noodle soup with crab meat, the special local food, at some food stalls on the sidewalk or rent a xe đạp khổng lồ ride around the quiet road of the town. The price is around 30.000 VND/ hour.

Party-goers can kiểm tra out some pubs in Cat Ba Town namely Quiri Pub Cocktail & Restaurant và Oasis Bar 2.

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