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We"ll walk you through the mindset and decision-making processes required to win a game with Razor in this guide.

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Razor"s Late Game

Your hero isn"t particularly powerful against Roshan, but try to kill him with the help of teammates. Aegis Of Immortal allows you to play in front of your team without fear, which Razor has always been afraid of, but he can do so with Aegis.

Tip: Always target the enemy"s physical damage dealer with the Static Link to weaken him. Never overcommit in a fight, and without your Black King Bar ready, diving into your opponent"s backline can result in a match loss.

Razor"s Itemization

Razor does not require items that improve his farming speed or even items that increase his damage. He needs items that boost his movement speed and make him more resistant to physical and magical damage.

Early Game Itemization

To win Midlane, you must purchase stat items as well as sufficient regen. Some of the suggested items include a Circlet, Faerie Fire, two Iron Branches, and one set of Tangoes. These items will make it easier to contest for last hit and denies. By purchasing a bottle as your next item, you will be able to spam more Plasma Fields, allowing you to farm faster and harass your enemy. Complete your Wraith Band with Circlet and purchase Boots of Speed later in the game.

In the side lanes, the starting items are nearly identical to those in Midlane, except that you should purchase Boots of Speed instead of a bottle.

Tip: Purchasing a Magic Stick is highly recommended when confronted with heroes who wield an excessive number of spells.

Mid Game Itemization

Falcon Blade is the best early to mid-game item for Razor. It replenishes his mana, increases his HP pool and damage. Falcon Blade includes everything you"ll need during the game"s early stages.

Investing in Power Trades, Boots of Travel, or Phase Boots should be done in accordance with your teammates" heroes and the lineup you"re facing. If you don"t require increased movement speed but do require some tankiness with a reasonable attack speed, purchase Power Treads. Additionally, you can switch to agility to increase your attack speed or to intelligence before using abilities to maximize your mana efficiency. The Phase Boot is advantageous when chasing an opponent, or they chase you a lot.

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We recommend Boots of Travel for Midlane Razor because it increases your movement speed and allows you to join sidelanes by walking or teleporting.

Razor using Boots of Travel
Sang and Yasha are excellent choices if the game isn"t fight heavy or if the enemy does not prioritize you over teammates. If your team does not have enough disables to use in conjunction with Static Link, we recommend Eul"s Scepter of Divinity.

If you"re playing a fight-heavy game, consider purchasing Black King Bar as soon as possible because, as previously stated, Razor requires spell immunity to deal with disables and high magic damage.

Late Game Itemization

For the late game, one of the best options is Sange and Yasha. This item increases your movement speed and attack speed and also increases your status resistance against disablers. After that, you can buy Aghanim"s Scepter for more tower push. It helps you and your team to destroy the barracks and towers faster so the enemy can"t defend them. From now on it depends on you to buy whatever item you need.

If you haven"t already purchased Black King Bar for the late game, now is the time. If you"re up against a lineup that deals a lot of physical damage, you can also buy Assault Cuirass, depending on the matchup.

Eye of Skadi for Razor is another fantastic item in the late game. This item boosts Razor"s stats and slows the target being attacked, making it easier to kill enemies. Due to Razor"s lack of Disables, this item is recommended for him. Satanic is the best option if you want to increase your chances of survival and make yourself more difficult to kill.

Razor"s Neutral Items

Tier 1

Arcane Ring

Faded Broach

Ironwood Tree

Keen Optic.

Ocean Heart (If you"re playing in Midlane, pick up this item because it gives you a good amount of stats and also provides you 10 HP regen with 5 Mana regen when you are in the river)

Tier 2

Ring of Aquila

Quicksilver Amulet

Pupil"s Gift

Essence Ring


Dragon Lance

Tier 3

Titan Sliver

Paladin Sword

Spider Legs

Elven Tunic

Orb of Destruction

Tier 4

The Leveler

Minotaur Horn

Ninja Gear


Tier 5



Mirror Shield

Stygian Desolator

Ex Machina

Razor"s Situational Items

Hood of Defiance: Razor, as previously stated, requires protection from magical damage, as well as items that provide him with more sustain in lane. The hood of Defiance provides passive magic resistance and blocks 400 magic damage when activated. It also provides the holder with a good amount of HP regen. It"s an excellent item for the Offlane Razor against the heavy magic damage lineup.

Eul"s Scepter of Divinity: As previously stated, Razor is vulnerable to heroes with disabling abilities, and he also lacks the ability to disable. Eul"s is a good item for Razor because it can provide him with what he requires. You can drain their damage while they are in the air by using Eu"l"s Scepter and Static Link. Because most enemies flee Razor by Teleporting, you can use Eul"s to prevent them from doing so.

Aghanim"s Scepter: If your team is lacking in tower push, you can purchase this item to help you destroy the structures faster. This item also improves abilities.

Refresher Orb: If you"re six slotted, you can purchase this item to refresh your items and abilities. If you have Aghanim"s Scepter, this is an excellent item to have.

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