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Dying Light 2 may still be a long way off, but that doesn"t mean there aren"t fantastic zombie game alternatives khổng lồ play while you wait.

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Dying Light 2 keeps getting delayed for one reason or another. One of the big reasons is due khổng lồ the ongoing quarantine, while the other can likely be attributed to normal setbacks in Clip game development. It takes time to lớn create these massive open-worlds, especially ones where certain choices can have sầu huge consequences. 

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Although the delays are frustrating, anyone who"s itching for an open-world zombie experience can still find plenty of other great examples on modern consoles. The most obvious of these is the first Dying Light, but there are plenty of other similar games to kiểm tra out for those who have already played it.

Updated June 12, 2021, by Tom Bowen: After countless delays và years of development, Dying Light 2 finally has a solid release date. The good news is, it will be arriving later this year, although fans will have sầu lớn wait until the very kết thúc of 2021 before finally getting their hands on it. Given how long they"ve sầu already waited though, a few more months shouldn"t be all that bad. In the meantime, there are plenty of other great open-world zombie games to keep players busy, most of which can be played on current gen consoles. Some are a little different than Dying Light, but still provide a healthy dose of undead carnage and are capable of keeping players occupied for quite some time.

15 7 Days lớn Die

Combat in 7 Days lớn Die
Set in a post apocalyptic future following a nuclear war, 7 Days lớn Die"s premise is not too dissimilar to that of the Fallout universe. Where it differs, however, is the emphasis that it places on survival, with players having to start from scratch if they perish at the hands (or teeth) of the game"s zombie hordes.

Though the game didn"t quite live up lớn some of the promises made during its successful Kickstarter chiến dịch, it"s still a lot of fun khổng lồ play. Nighttime can be particularly enjoyable due to how daunting everything feels, although playing with friends can make survival a lot more manageable. At least until the Blood Moon occurs on the seventh day, anyway.

14 Night of the Dead

Night of the Dead on Steam
Although Night of the Dead does have sầu some open world sections, these are typically used for resource gathering rather than exploration. Without these vital resources, however, players would struggle lớn build up their defenses & would likely be overrun by zombies pretty quickly as a result.

There have sầu been plenty of zombie-themed tower defense games over the years, but few have managed to lớn blover the genre"s mechanics together with realism so seamlessly, nor are many quite as enjoyable as this. The game is still in Early Access on Steam at the moment, but is already shaping up khổng lồ be an excellent zombie game.

13 State of Decay 2

State Of Decay 2 Zombies Attacking Human
State of Decay 2 is just one of many Xbox exclusive sầu zombie games released over the past decade or so, though some will argue that it"s probably the pichồng of the bunch. The combat on offer here is absolutely fantastic and is backed up with a great score & some decent visuals too.

One of the things that makes the same so enjoyable is its relentless difficulty, which demands improvement from players if they"re to lớn have sầu any hope of surviving the game"s brutal and unforgiving world. It does have sầu one or two problems, but these shouldn"t be enough lớn sour the experience for most players.

12 Unturned

Unturned-Maplestrike in Player
Unturned is a little lượt thích Minecraft, only with a lot less crafting, far more zombies and a boatload of assault rifles. It"s không lấy phí to lớn play, is available on PC & current and last ren consoles and offers a ridiculous amount of customization, both when it comes to cosmetics and maps thiết kế.

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There are a few different game modes available, although they all revolve sầu around surviving hordes of zombies in some capacity. Most of them are multiplayer only, with some encouraging players to lớn work as teams rather than go it alone. While there are PvPhường elements included, players aren"t obliged lớn kill their peers, allowing everytoàn thân khổng lồ focus solely on taking out zombies if they choose.

11 Strange Brigade

Developed by the same team behind the Zombie Army trilogy, Strange Brigade took quite a few people by surprise when it released in 2018. Rather than the spiritual successor lớn Zombie Army that many had expected, the game plays a lot more lượt thích Left 4 Dead, although this isn"t necessarily a bad thing.

The 1930"s setting is interesting and makes a refreshing change from the dark backstreets and abandoned retìm kiếm facilities that typically host these kind of games. The co-op elements also work incredibly well, although the narrative sầu can at times feel a lot more B-movie than it does AA title. For those more interested in gameplay, though, it"s a solid piông chồng.

10 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is still considered one of the best DLC expansions ever released for a Clip game. Other developers copied Rockstar because of it, like Sucker Punch Productions and United Front Games making Halloween DLC for inFamous & Sleeping Dogs respectively. Neither really compares to Undead Nightmare, though.

Most of the map from the original game is present in the DLC, but with things gone haywire for old John Marsden. Zombies aren’t the only thing that will get in his way either, and players will need the best mix of guns they can get their hands on in order to lớn survive sầu. Best of all, it’s backward compatible on Xbox One & Xbox Series X and is incredibly funny to lớn boot. 

9 Days Gone

Days Gone got a bit overshadowed when it released. It was a bit buggy và most were far more excited about Sony’s other big exclusive sầu zombie epic, The Last of Us Part II. Reviewers may not have been particular kind, but players couldn"t get enough và the recent PC release has only increased the game"s popularity.

This game is very different from games like The Last of Us, và is a pure open-world zombie game in pretty much every way. The countryside is also breathtaking. Patches following its release have sầu made it much better, so there has never been a better time to lớn jump in, especially for PS5 owners. 

8 Fallout 3

When one thinks of open-world games, the recent Fallout titles are usually some of the first to lớn spring to lớn mind, even if the NPCs that reside in them are a little bit weird. Fallout 3 is where the series took a turn from its top-down perspective and helped lớn lay much of the groundwork for the future entries in the series.

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Many might not consider it khổng lồ be a zombie game in the traditional sense, but it is, in a way. Ghouls, the games" zombie-lượt thích mutants, và other infected creatures roam the wastelands. It’s a horrifying look at the apocalypse, but should feel like trang chủ for those looking for some scintillating zombie action. 

7 Dead Island

Dead Islvà is an open-world game, but one that is a bit more segmented than some of its contemporaries. It’s lượt thích getting lost in a đô thị landscape, albeit with lots of tropical nature surrounding it. It is a pure zombie game at heart though, &, lượt thích Fallout 3, is full of traditional RPG elements.

The game was a bit broken when it launched on the PS3 and Xbox 360 bachồng in 2011, but it has now been patched. There’s also a collection out on last-ren consoles making it a lot easier to lớn get hold of. Since it is usually on sale digitally, and because it is its 10th anniversary this year, now would be a good time khổng lồ try it out before its own sequel finally drops. 

6 Dead Rising 4

The original Dead Rising game was almost like a tech thử nghiệm for the Xbox 360. Capcom showed off what the system was truly capable of, with a ridiculous amount of zombie mayhem onscreen all at once. That"s not khổng lồ say that it didn’t have sầu its fair nói qua of problems though, because it certainly did.

Though the majority of bugs & glitches have long since been patched out, the series hasn’t really evolved much past its original concept. Dead Rising 4 is the most recent và most polished of the bunch, however, so those wishing khổng lồ tear zombies apart in a mindless way should probably start there.

5 The Last Of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II has what one could could call open-world segments. They come & go as the game progresses, which mostly takes place in a linear fashion. It"s not quite Final Fantasy XIII, but it"s a far cry from some of the more traditional open world games lượt thích Grand Theft Auto and Far Cry.

The emphasis on exploring to get materials still makes it a worthy candidate for adventure though and the story is expertly told. Plus destroying the infected in the game is far more satisfying than most, thanks in large to the brutal nature of the overall world và epic narrative. 

4 The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 starts off in a thành phố that is full of exploration. It’s kind of lượt thích a more open version of Resident Evil 3, although the tone is a little different. After about the halfway mark, the game does start lớn get a lot more linear, however, so players should keep that in mind.

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Caveats aside, The Evil Within 2 is still a great infected game, though the citizens in its nightmare đô thị aren’t exactly zombies. They are still bloodthirsty though và will give players quite the chase while howling frantically as they cthảm bại in for the kill. 

3 Yakuza: Dead Souls

Yakuza: Dead Souls is an oft forgotten entry in the Yakuza franchise. It’s a Yakuza spin off that effectively serves as one big hypothetical, asking players what would happen if zombies ever ran rampant throughout Japan. As with other Yakuza games, it can be a lot of fun & there"s plenty of dark humor to lighten the mood.

Kazuma & his friends must fight baông xã to lớn take control of their beloved city và nation once again. The action focuses more on shooting than hvà to lớn h& combat and it is more linear than the main entries. Even so, it still has some of that open-world goodness that many fans adore Yakuza for. 

2 Sunset Overdrive

Sunphối Overdrive is lượt thích a zombie apocalypse caused by Mountain Dew or an orange energy drink equivalent. Like Dead Rising, the game impressively showed just how many enemies could litter the screen at once while also showing off a wide range of vibrant colors & interesting characters.

It’s an early, often forgotten Xbox One exclusive that some will feel didn’t get quite as much attention as it deserved. The pedigree of its developer, Insomniac, is ever-present in the game though, from its wacky humor lớn its creative sầu use of projectile based weapons.

1 ZombiU

ZombiU was lượt thích Ubisoft’s answer khổng lồ Dark Souls. It plays with the idea of London"s population being overtaken by a zombie virus. A lot of people passed it up because it was a Wii U exclusive sầu, a system that did not persize particularly well for Nintenvì chưng in the sales department.

The game did eventually get a port to lớn last-ren systems, however, making it far more accessible lớn the average gamer. It’s not the most original zombie game ever made, nor is it the most ambitious, but there is still a lot of fun to lớn be had in the infected streets of London. 

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