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BLADE và SOUL hasn’t had a healthy playerbase for a while now. Heck, the trò chơi hasn’t been in a healthy state for even longer than that. Nobody is denying the fact that this is a highly flawed game, yet it had the potential to be something so much greater than it currently is.That is where the Unreal Engine 4 update comes into this. A lot of things were promised with this update, and… some of it has been delivered.I’ve been streaming BLADE và SOUL over on our Twitch channel since the update came out, in an attempt lớn push through, observe the activity levels on the way khổng lồ max level, và witness the updates in real-time. Which, quick FYI, you guys are welcome khổng lồ join me on as I’m streaming BLADE & SOUL every weekend at 3PM Eastern Standard Time và would love the company.And while doing so, have had hundreds of players come into the chat và ask me whether or not BLADE & SOUL is worth playing in 2021.That isn’t what this is. I’ll have a different clip on whether BLADE & SOUL is worth playing in the coming month. This is to lớn give my thoughts–my experiences form.

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And with that, let’s discuss the very first thing I noticed. Lyn customization options.

This might not be specific khổng lồ this update. I haven’t played BLADE & SOUL in.. A little over 18 months. But I don’t recall these customization options being here before, và honestly? This made the Lyn race so much more appealing lớn me.Speaking of customization options, while I didn’t notice new selections for the other races, I bởi vì think it’s worth noting the fact that the character models look significantly different khổng lồ what they looked like before.And I’m aware this is going to vị 2 different things: A.) trigger players that loved the old character models, the old shine, textures. And 2.) have people staring at what about the models in specific is even different.Since I’ve had people ask me if there were even alterations made lớn the character models. As a tín đồ of BLADE & SOUL.. It is very evident to me, but I realize it isn’t for everyone.

After the noticeable character model differences, I realized how quickly I logged into the trò chơi for the first time in 18 months.I’m used to the game taking 30, 40 seconds or more at times, depending on where you are, how many players are around and how much of the trò chơi is required to lớn be loaded between where you are now & where you’ll be after you make it through your loading screen.But upon entering the game, I was greeted by loading screens that took anywhere from 5 lớn 8 seconds. This was such a departure from what I was used to that I almost couldn’t fathom how much of a difference this made lớn the fluidity of progressing between zones.Before this update you had time khổng lồ get up, grab a snack & a soda, come back, & watch the remainder of the bar finish loading. Now, having to wait the few seconds between zones is negligible.


But not only are there loading improvements, but there are FPS and general performance issues as well.I’m gonna be honest with you right now, I have a pretty powerful computer. Very rarely does my PC lag when playing a video clip game, and especially an MMO. Well.. Okay that’s a lie. BLADE và SOUL, TERA & ASTELLIA all had massive FPS drops all the damn time. To an atrocious degree.While BLADE và SOUL was definitely the lesser of the 3 offenders, you can find people complaining about performance on every social platform there is.I never encountered severe lag, và it was never too frequent, but I can say personally – having streamed almost 10 hours in the last couple days, I have encountered 2 separate instances where my FPS tanked. Và they were momentary.So in approximately 10 hours of streaming the game – which is more of a resource hog than if I weren’t streaming the game, I encountered several seconds of severe lag. Otherwise, I’ve had it pretty smooth.

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Now experiences with performance seem to lớn vary quite a bit. I’ve noticed a lot of players claiming that there has been very little, if any noticeable improvement in terms of performance, where people are claiming the trò chơi has never ran this good, even at the best of times.People are also experiencing increased crashes, increased instances of bugs… so it isn’t entirely positive.I’ve noticed several bugs myself since beginning after this update went live. Some that I’ve actually never encountered in the past, lượt thích the little Lyn girl, & this atrocious instance of rubber banding that refused to let me leave the area immediately surrounding the house I was just in.

And then came the new class: The Dual Blade. While the initial specialization is supposedly the more powerful one, I found the second lớn be much more appealing to me personally. I’ve actually kinda fallen in love with the new class – it’s one of my favorites in the game thus far.Special effects were fast, flashy and fluid. Weapons looked pretty sick from what I saw on other players. Và the playstyle – at least for the spec I was playing was nice & simple, which is just my style.People say I’m a casual gamer, & I take pride in that. There isn’t anything wrong with not attempting to be competitive at your class. I don’t have time lớn with all the videos & streams I vì chưng every week, và I’m more than happy admitting that.

And that was it. They were what I’d encountered in the last few days after the update went live.I’m aware I’ve missed various things, but this isn’t an “all inclusive” các mục of every new thing they added into the game, this is a small glimpse of what I got to lớn experience this week.Do these changes fix the glaringly horrendous pay khổng lồ win present in the game? No. Balance the classes? Wait, developers actually vày that?If you hated the game before, you’ll still hate it. However these alterations khổng lồ the trò chơi have made it so much more enjoyable of an experience for me, and I cannot bao tay enough how much better the game feels right now.

I’ll have a much deeper look into additional changes or additive features as I continue lớn push through over the next month. You’re more than welcome to lớn accompany me on my journey over on Twitch every weekend if you’re interested in seeing more or want khổng lồ be a part of this firsthand & be immortalized in video form by grouping with me.

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