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Will everything end in "Attack on Titan" Chapter 136? (Photo: nevarx/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 (

The year is about to kết thúc, & it only means Attack on TitanChapter 136"s release is coming soon. Fans are now dropping different theories about the upcoming chapter, but is it true that it will be the final installment khổng lồ the series?

Attaông xã on Titan Chapter 136 spoilers is expected lớn be out in the first week of January 2021, along with the scan leaks. However, as early as now, there are too many assumptions surrounding the next chapter.

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According to BlockToro, there are theories that Chapter 136 will be the manga"s final installment. Indeed, the series will end soon, and there will be only a few chapters left, but it will not cthua in Chapter 136.

There are still a lot of plotlines that the manga is yet lớn tackle, so it is quite impossible that it will end as early as next month. There are assumptions Attaông xã on Titanwill conclude in Chapter 139 due khổng lồ the volume numbers.

It also has something khổng lồ bởi vì with the Titung life expectancy. Also, Eren is still missing from the manga panels.

Asthere is no way that the storyline will continue without hyên ổn, it is not the kết thúc yet. Fans may also soon see hlặng in the upcoming installments.

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In Attaông chồng on TitanChapter 135, "Battle of Heaven & Earth," Annie & the Winged Tirã rescued Mikasa, Levi, and the other comrades. They are now planning to lớn rescue Armin from the Titans" clutches in Attaông xã on TitanChapter 136.

Epic Dopenoted that Armin might already be a "goner,"and his death might soon come. Also, Ymir is now known for being one of the antagonists after letting out the pigs, changing how fans thought of her as an "innocent and tortured little girl."

Hence, she may have a more sinister role in the Rumbling. She may be the culprit that controls Eren"s actions, và she may also kill off Armin, knowing she is in control of the Ancient Titans.

Ymir may no doubt bởi it lớn warn the rest of the forces lớn back off. Attack on TitanChapter 136 may focus on Armin và how Levi & his group will handle Paradis và Rumbling"s situation.

Attaông chồng on TitanChapter 136 is set lớn be out on Saturday, January 9, 2021, per Devdiscourse. It can be readon Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump"s official websites và platforms.

What bởi vì you think the future of Armin will be in Attaông chồng on TitanChapter 136? Share your comments below.

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