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Now a day, the mạng internet has become the most popular và influential medium in the world whereas it’s had been unknown lớn people fifteen years before. It is the biggest source of information, communication, and advertising. Computers and the mạng internet are present in most homes but it has its own advantages & disadvantages. The Internet has many applications lượt thích BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, và etc.

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Advantages of Internet:

Source of Information:

It is the best source of a variety of information. Now even students of colleges and universities mainly depkết thúc on it khổng lồ complete not only their assignments but also khổng lồ keep themselves up-to-date. There is no better source of retìm kiếm other than the internet. We can find the lakiểm tra trends, we can talk khổng lồ specialists without actually visiting them, & we can also get professional assistance through the internet.

Source of Entertainment:

Online games, chatting, surfing, music, movies, dramas, and TV shows are becoming the most comtháng sources of entertainment. Games are available không lấy phí of cost, chat rooms are available to lớn discuss on any topic, entertainment websites are accessible, online movies and other TV shows are also easily accessible just because of the internet.

Keep Informed:

Internet is a source of the newest news because there are hundreds và thousands of news-groups & services which keep you informed with every tiông xã of the clock. People like to read news about sports, weather, politics or any other topic mạng internet keeps you well informed và up-to-date.

Online Shopping:

Internet shopping is becoming popular because of virtual shops where you can buy anything you want & need without going out of the trang chủ. Virtual shops are earning much money recently. The most popular sản phẩm is clothes which more women are buying them through the internet. Also, groceries, household, và other electronic items are available. You only need khổng lồ sit in front of the computer, cliông chồng the mouse & the hàng hóa will be at your doorstep within a few hours.


Disadvantages of Internet:

On the other side of the coin if we discuss its disadvantages in brief then the following are some common:

A Waste of Time:

Most people argue that spending a lot of time using the mạng internet is bad which leads khổng lồ obesity in the young generation. In the contemporary world, people also say that the mạng internet is not necessary for life & life would be easier without it.

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Not Safe Place for Children:

If children are allowed lớn use the internet then parents become worried if they are spending much time on the internet. Pornography & unethical communities are available. So one can say that the internet is not a safe place for children because there are different tools available who can bypass ‘parental protection’. Also, children who use the mạng internet are becoming addicted khổng lồ it which is again very dangerous.

Privacy Exposure:

Because of the hacker"s community now it’s very easy to decipher someone’s chat or email messages. As we know data is transmitted in the khung of packets, hackers sniff that packets và easily reconstruct.

Money Frauds:

With the introduction of online business, virtual shops, & credit card usage; now it becomes very easy lớn buy things without going inlớn the market. Besides legitimate sites there are some other Social Media Advertising sites that make frauds of money, these sites try to get your personal information, credit thẻ details, & even pin code. Once they get this information you can easily become a victyên ổn of money frauds.


Often our systems get infected from viruses & ultimately damage our important data which is difficult lớn recover. These viruses are transported via the mạng internet, CDs, và USBs. Our computer can become totally out of order.

Online Threatening or Harassment:

If someone manages to lớn get your personal IDs or email address then it becomes easier to lớn harass in chat rooms, online messages, và through emails.

In the kết thúc, the internet has its own advantages và disadvantages but its advantages are extremely high. It simply making lives easier but we should not forget about the disadvantage it may bring.

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