Data processing in precise time and frequency applications

`L.H.S. = 2(sin^6x+cos^6x) - 3(sin^4x+cos^4x) +1``= 2((sin^2x)^3+(cos^2x)^3) - 3((sin^2x)^2+(cos^2x)^2) +1`As, `a^3+b^3 = (a+b)^3-3ab(a+b) & a^2+b^2 = (a+b)^2-2ab`,So, it becomes,`= 2((sin^2x+cos^2x)^3 - 3sin^2xcos^2x(sin^2x+cos^2x)) - 3((sin^2x+cos^2x)^2 - 2sin^2xcos^2x) +1``=2(1-3sin^2xcos^2x) - 3(1-2sin^2xcos^2x)+1``=2-6sin^2xcos^2x-3+6sin^2xcos^2x+1``=0 = R.H.S.`



` " title="Prove sầu that `(cos 3 x)/(sin 2 xsin 4x)+(cos 5x)/(sin 4xsin 6x)+(cos 7x)/(sin 6xsin 8x)+(cos 9x)/(sin 8x sin 10x)` `=(1)/(2) (teo sec x)` " style="width:100%;height:;"/>

For any axinh đẹp angle `theta`; Prove (i) tung `theta` = sin`theta`/cos`theta` (ii) cot `theta` = cos `theta`/sin`theta`

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CGBSE Class 12th Exam from 1st June 2021 via ‘Exam from Home’ Pattern

CGBSE, Chhattisgarh class 12 board exams from June 01 in ‘Exam from Home’ pattern. Check important guidelines released by the CGBSE và other details here.

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CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2021: Short Duration Exam, Dates Coming Soon

CBSE class 12 exam: Short duration exam has been proposed & exam dates will be announced soon (likely to be held in July, 2021). Education ministers & secretaries to discuss pending class 12 board exams, medical and engineering entrance exam 2021.

CGBSE 10th Result 2021 Declared: Know How khổng lồ Check Marks Here

CGBSE has released Chhattisgarh board class 10 Result 2021 Declared. Know how to check CGBSE class 10 marks, statistics & other details.

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CBSE Class 12 Exams: Schools khổng lồ hold New Practice tests for Students

CBSE Class 12: CBSE is planning khổng lồ hold another mix of online practice tests for class 12 students before the exam. Chechồng complete details here.

RRC Recruitment 2021 for 3591 Apprentice posts, Apply online Now: Govt Exam

RRC Recruitment 2021 for 3591 apprentice posts, apply online from 25th May 2021. Know how to lớn apply, eligibility criteria, selection process & vacancy details.

CBSE Class 12 Exams must be held: National Council of CBSE Schools

CBSE School has urged Union Education Minister khổng lồ conduct the CBSE class 12 exams even though the exams remain delayed due to the pandemic situation.

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